In Tokyo, You Can Fight Like A Samurai At The Airport

Brian Ashcraft



Have you ever wanted to star in your own samurai film? Well, you can, thanks to Samurai Film—and do so at Haneda Airport. Yes, the airport!

Samurai Film is headed up by movie stuntman Kenji Sato, who has done stunt work in The Wolverine, several Resident Evil movies, 47 Ronin and many more.

From the description on the Samurai Film website:

It’s occasionally available at Haneda Airport as well. Just make a reservation and head to the airport a little earlier than usual and you will have a real samurai experience just before boarding your flight. Go to the website below for the full details.

With the costume change, rehearsal and filming, it looks like about two and half hours are needed to make the short action flick. Both kids and adults can star in their own samurai films. The official site doesn’t give a pricing plan but says to inquire about the fee.

Below are some of the shorts. The basic concept depends on the location, but each one has slightly different individualistic flourishes. The fight scenes run over a minute and are followed by outtakes.










The next Haneda Airport terminal shoots start this today and tomorrow and feature ninja action. There are also shoots on March 9, 10 and 11. Obviously, the shoot takes place before you clear security and customs. But can you imagine this kind of thing being allowed at an American airport?


The non-airport fight scenes look more involved with more actors, more stunts, more camera set-ups and effects.








Pretty cool, no?

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