Tokyo Metropolitan Government Is Offering Free COVID -19 Tests To Everyone

Tokyo launched a new campaign in response to recent Omicron cases. It provides free Covid-19 testing to all residents. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has made the tests available for free to anyone, regardless of whether they have symptoms.

Currently, Tokyo Metropolitan offers two types of tests that are free: rapid antigen (qualitative) and nucleic acid amplification (including PCR and LAMP and quantitative antigen). Free tests will be available up to January 31, 2022. This deadline does not apply to people suffering from Covid-19 symptoms. They are eligible for free Covid-19 testing anytime they have a valid insurance card.

Go to the designated facility and present your valid ID (a driver’s license, My Number card, or student ID). Then, fill out the application form. A list of testing facilities offering free tests is available on this website (in Japanese only).

It may take up to three business days for results from the nucleic acids amplification test to be received. However, the rapid antigen test results will be available within one day of collecting the sample.

NHK reports that the government now wants free tests available at pharmacies to offer 30,000 tests per night at 180 facilities eventually.

Visit the CDC website to learn more about the various types of Covid-19 testing.


Source: TimeOut

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