The Top 10 Universities in Japan…a quick list


The number of universities present in Japan has increased dramatically from 490 universities in 1988 to over 800 universities today in the last 30 years. 

The University of Tokyo undoubtedly stands in the 1st position amongst the top 10 universities in Japan. Do you know about the other reputed universities that exist in Japan? Let’s find more details about them.

An alarming fact about Japan is that the number of students going to universities to study has increased, whereas their birth rate is falling. One of the reasons is that studying at a university in Japan is now more affordable. Hence survey has shown that more than 50% of men and women are now going to a university to study compared to only 25% back in 1993.

This write-up presents to you the 10 leading and highly respected educational institutions released through the Opportunities: Much higher Learning World Colleges Positions, a Principle that releases the international educational institution positions every year.

#1. The University of Tokyo
The Educational institution of Tokyo is the most popular and respected educational institution in  Japan, getting applications from a lot of students who wish to get admission and study here.

The Educational institution of Tokyo was established in 1877  and has around 28,000 students on campus currently. Students who graduate from this educational institution are considered to be the elitist.
The Educational institution of Tokyo has also received  Nobel Rewards in Japan. In fact, there are a total of 11 teachers at the Educational institution of Tokyo that have won the Nobel Reward organized in 2018.

#2. Kyoto University
Another popular educational institution in Japan was established in 1897, is also referred to as the second-rate educational institution in Japan. Much like the Educational institution of Tokyo, Kyoto Educational institution happily secures the 2nd highest possible variety of Nobel Rewards. There is a total of 10 teachers in this institution who have received these awards.

It is mentioned that the Educational institution of Tokyo, as well as Kyoto Educational institution, are in a competition to gain more Nobel Rewards always. Although the Educational institution of Toyko might keep more Nobel Rewards compared with Kyoto Educational institution, however, Kyoto Educational institution was the  1st educational institution to gain the honor.
Kyoto Educational institution secures a slogan of  “Go after what you presume is actually fascinating to you”, in fact, this slogan is the very reason for a lot of teachers to gain the Nobel Reward.

#3. Tohoku University
Established in 1907, Tohoku Educational institution secures a slogan of “study 1st”, and follows an open door plan. Tohoku Educational institution lies in Sendai Urban area in the Miyagi prefecture, along with 7 campuses, and has more than 5000 trainees presently registered with them.
Lots of global trainees from around the globe come to examine the Tohoku University’s global success.

#4. Tokyo Institute of Technology
The Tokyo Principle of Innovation was started in 1929 and has around 10,000 trainees registered. However, the fascinating aspect of the educational institution is that  90% of the trainees registered are not undergraduates.
The college graduation fee of the trainees at this university is fairly higher in evaluation to various other colleges in Japan.

#5. Kyushu University
Referred to as the most effective educational institution in the Kyushyu location, the Kyushyu Educational institution was started in 1911. It has around 19,000 trainees registered in the university, and thus it is not jampacked and the trainees are comfortable.

#6. Hokkaido University

The most effective Educational institution in Hokkaido secures around 18,000 trainees and is located in the vicinity of  Sapporo in Hokkaido. Regardless of you residing in the urban area facility, you tend to miss this university. Lots of trainees that require an outdoor area and desire to transfer to the urban area consider this educational institution.

#7. Nagoya University
Although this educational institution is rated 7th, it is actually the 3rd educational institution having  6 teachers that have won the best Nobel Rewards. One distinct aspect of the educational institution is that there is a train terminal positioned within the educational institution university. This is the only educational institution in Japan that has a terminal positioned in a university.
Moreover, there is a residential area nearby making it possible for you to head to a silent location to examine peacefully.

#8. Osaka University

Lots of trainees choose Osaka Educational institution as their 2nd choice of educational institution, in case they cannot secure their admission to Kyoto Educational institution. Osaka Educational institution is a well-known option for trainees in Japan. It was one of the Royal Colleges in Japan, one of the Marked Nationwide Educational institution. It was also chosen as a Leading Kind educational institution of Leading International Educational institution Job due to the Japanese federal authorities.

#9. Tsukuba University
Tsukuba Educational institution was established in  1973 and has recently entered in the list of leading 10. This educational institution is also referred to as an “available” educational institution,  that does not indicate an open-door plan.
This university has a big campus with buses that circumnavigate the university every twenty minutes.

#10. Keio University
Keio Educational institution was started in 1920 and has a long past. Yukichi Fukuzawa referred to as the guy on the Japanese 10,000 yen, created this university as a college to examine the  Western side design in 1858 in the course of the Edo duration.
There are currently 34,000 students enrolled at this private university and it holds a high status as many students have a high employment rate once they graduate from here.

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