Touch The Plants In This Tokyo Garden And They Burst Into Life With Lights And Sound

This incredible light installation brings Tokyo’s Midtown garden space to life with interactive lights and sounds.

Designed by studio PARTY, the Digital Vegetables installation allows visitors to experience plant-life in a whole new way. Each plant lights up and produces a noise specifically recorded for it.

For example, touching a tomato triggers a violin, cabbages sound like oboes, and carrots make trumpet noises.

“Sounds of rubbing seeds. Sounds of touching leaves. Sounds of eating fruits,” says Ray Kunimoto, the Sound Designer behind ‘Digital Vegetables’. “I recorded the sounds created with actual vegetables. Then, I mixed them with the sounds of orchestra instruments on the computer to make 7 melodies.”

The project was created for Toyko’s 2017 Design Touch, a month-long celebration of experiential design.

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