Uber Eats in Japan Won’t Hire Foreigners with Temporary Visa

Foreigners now can’t work for Uber Eats in Japan as people were found to abuse the readily available job to fund their overstay after their visa expired.

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This freeze comes after a case in the month of June in which police submitted papers to prosecutors for Uber Japan Co., which ran Uber Eats Japan from late last year and still currently does. These allegations come from the case of two Vietnamese who stayed after their visa expired, and Uber Eats still hired them. This is against the immigration law of Japan.

There were many cases of foreign delivery personnel working in Tokyo after exceeding their visas. The hiring freeze means that foreigners in Japan with a student visa, a cultural activity visa, or a specified activity visa will not be able to register as Uber Eats delivery staff.

Uber Eats Japan

From Aug 25, the policy is already in effect. Those who registered before Aug 24 or earlier can still work as delivery personnel. Uber Eats Japan stated that it interviews foreign applicants when they hire them. They ask them for their passports and residency cards to verify that they are legal residents of Japan.

According to the company, it also monitors the attendance of international students it employs at their respective universities.

An Uber Eats Japan public relations representative stated that the company decided to freeze new hires. It is because the process of vetting requires significant resources and verifying foreigners would take more time.


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