Video marching Japanese people have become viral in cyberspace

Colleges today have completely revolutionized the idea of a “band geek” into entertainment machines that are competing to be great college marching bands. Those kids who might’ve been considered nerdy in high school while they lugged around their large tubas and saxophones are looking back and smiling as they march onto the fields with the attention of thousands of screaming fans, waiting to see how they plan to shock the crowd next. Video in the end.

Will it be a light show? A moving rendition of Michael Jackson’s legendary Moon Walk? Or maybe the band will spell out a word or image that just may not sit well with the entire stadium. Those “band geeks” are doing all of this and more while gaining national and international attention and while being a part of viral videos that are being viewed over 10 million times.

In saying that, try not to get too jealous that you didn’t take band in high school as you read the following list of the 35 best college marching bands. Or if you can play or are interested in picking up an instrument, the following list should give you a good idea of some of the best places where you can direct your talents.

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