Japanese Village With Below 3000 Population Received 120 Gold Bars Worth $4 Million Donation

Local authorities from the Tanohata government in Iwate Prefecture announced that they will use the sum collected from auctioning off the 120 Gold bars they received as a donation from an individual who wishes to be anonymous. Their main objective for the donation is they want the sum would be to focus on reconstructing the village that still hasn’t recovered from the 2011 earthquake.

The municipal also hopes to use the donation for child-rearing support and improve/rebuild the decades-old municipal building.

The municipal authorities say that a citizen of Japan who has ties to the village’s coastal area predating the disaster of 2011 met with Mayor Yasushi Sasaki regarding the donation in the autumn of the previous year.

The mayor went to a jeweler in Tokyo along with the donor at the close of January. He then auctioned the 60kg bars at 528.24 million yen (4 Million USD).

It’s the first time the village, established in 1889 and boasting an estimated population of 3000, is receiving a contribution of over 100 million yen from a single person, the municipal government stated.

They also want to reinforce the current municipality building, that’s 60 years old and is highly prone to earthquakes. It has feeble air circulation and gets very hot and humid during the summer days from the absence of air conditioners.

“Our finances are tough, with internal revenue sources only roughly 15 per cent (of the total budget). The donation is a big present for our village,” said Mitsuyuki Kudo, a top village official.


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