When a pregnant woman is walking, the old man suddenly … made a fury of Chihara Saiji is a heartfelt “one word”?

The Japanese active comedy part has recently appeared on a news program as a commentator and he laid no limits oof fun with his commentating command .Seiji Sayji who plays an active part as a comedy “Chibara brother”.

As well as variety shows, recently he has appeared on news programs as commentators as above mentioned …… well, Now ,

A topic’s news, Mr. Eisai putting sharp tsukkomi with its own perspective. In “Narumi · Okamura’s Passing TV” (ABC TV) broadcasted on September 3, 2018, I talked about “a word” that an unknown uncle gave to my wife.

Is there someone who does not know the maternity mark??

Mr. Seiji and Mr. Nakon in a comedian perform as a guest.

As the two people who often exposed “anger” to various things, the theme of this day was “angry special”.

Two people resentful to those with bad manners … And when the story ranges to “the coldness of the world against pregnant women”, Mr. Seiji will cut out.

In appearance it is sometimes unknown “being a pregnant woman”, so it was decided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to facilitate consideration.

Mr. Seiji said that he / she feels incompatible with the fact that someone who does not know the meaning of this maternity mark is still there, “I should be more familiar.”

Continue, Mr. Seiji mentioned about the uncle who was encountered when his wife was pregnant. I talked about the episode which resented to “one word” that he did not have a mind


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