Wife Hides Meat In Husband’s Bento After A Rough Argument

A Twitter user @JZX90Masaya recently tweeted a picture of his unusual bento box. The box contained simple plain white rice with some pickles and veggies on the side. However, the tweet has received 285k likes and 38.7k retweets! Read below to know why!

However, the top of the rice had crispy seaweed placed according to Japanese Characters that translated to “sh*t.” Apparently, the user @JZX90Masaya had an argument with his wife the previous night, and his wife was still mad at him in the morning.

Hence the bento with the text and without the tasty meat. Twitter users consoled him by sharing their own experiences with such unusual Bentos from their loved ones.

One user shared a picture of the bento made by his mother when he was still in school. It was a lunch box full of rice and pickled plums layered above the rice. However, the arrangement of plums spelled “stupid”.

However, this wasn’t the end to @JZX90Masaya’s bento saga. When he started to dig into his bento, he found quite the surprise. He again replied to the tweet with a picture of meat hidden below the rice! He tweeted, “There’s meat hidden underneath. I love my wife.”

His wife cleverly hid tasty pieces of meat below the rice so that he’d see her message to him first and think about the last night’s incident. She didn’t want her husband to have a bad meal at work! Such a loving wife.

There are plenty of more such bento box in the replies of the tweet. Do read them if you want to see how wives and moms get back at them after an argument!


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