Japanese Man Steals 360 Raincoats Of Women Because Of A Fetish

A peculiar obsession with observing women wear water-resistant gear led to a man in Osaka, Japan, being arrested for stealing 360 raincoats.

The Abeno Precinct of the Osaka Prefectural Police detained Yoshio Yoda, 51, on September 22 on suspicion of stealing clothing items on numerous occasions.

Stolen Raincoats

According to reports, Yoda, an Osaka newspaper delivery worker, would cycle alongside women wearing vinyl or plastic water-resistant garments. Additionally, he would go to parking lots and look for bicycles that belonged to women. Investigators claim that Yoda would then search through those with attached baskets to steal women’s raincoats.

According to reports, Yoda said, “I was just as happy to see women wearing raincoats as I was to see them in underwear.”

In his home, police discovered about 360 raincoats. There have been allegations of the theft of about 320 them between December 2013 and May of this year.

Since 2009, Yoda has acknowledged stealing raincoats. He added that what piques his strange interest is the “clinginess of the wet garments.”

Women wearing raincoat

The overall harm inflicted by Yoda’s offenses was determined by the investigators to be about $7,734 (1.12 million yen), based on an average estimated cost of about $24 (3,500 yen) for each raincoat.

Yoda was identified by officials as the “Raincoat Man” after an inquiry.



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