World Cup: Japanese Players and Fans Clean the Stadium

The World Cup is finally here! And Qatar has grand plans for the World Cup this time. The opening ceremony featured artists like Jungkook and Qatari singers like Dana and Fahad Al-Kubaisi, a speech from Morgan Freeman, and a 20-year-old Qatari influencer Ghanim al Muftah. Despite the host country’s luck, Qatar lost its first match against Ecuador.

World Cup
 Japanese Players and Fans at World Cup

Among the international audience in the stadium, some Japanese were also present, and they’d already made their mark even before Japan got to the pitch. After the first match between Ecuador and Qatar, Japanese fans stayed behind to clean the stadium. Omar Farooq, a filmmaker from Bahrain, was present in the stadium while this event was happening and recorded the scene to later post on his Instagram.

World Cup

In the video he uploaded to Instagram, Farooq admires the crowds and their willingness to clean the aisles, carry trash bags, and ensure everything is clean. Japanese are taught from a young age to take care of their surroundings and clean up before leaving. It’s a customary practice that’s a mark of respect. It’s a tradition that is carried across any country.

“Someone assure me that it isn’t normal. The Japanese fans have decided to wash the stadium. This isn’t even their game,” exclaimed Farooq in the video, which went viral. “When I asked the Japanese, “Why would you want to clean something that’s not connected to you? The response was that the Japanese don’t abandon rubbish behind them. We are respectful of the environment. ‘

World Cup

When he asks the people why they are doing this, a lady replies, ” We never leave; Japanese never leave rubbish behind. We respect the place.” Another man told him they were not doing it for the cameras and fame.

This isn’t the only time Japanese fans have demonstrated their commitment to cleaning up during the World Cup. After their heartbreaking loss against Belgium in the 16th and final round of the 2018 World Cup, they ensured that the arena was clean and tidy, just like they had done throughout the tournament.

World Cup

“Cleaning clean after soccer games is an extension of the fundamental habits taught in the classroom, in which children are taught to take care to clean their rooms and hallways.” Scott North, professor of sociology at Osaka University, told the BBC at the time. “With constant reminders throughout childhood, the behaviors are ingrained for most people.”

World Cup

Even the players kept their dressing room clean, neat, and tidy.

World Cup is a platform for a country to showcase their skills in football and for the audience to represent their culture and bring their beliefs into the spotlight. Therefore, for 2022’s World Cup, expect these players to continue their clean-up routine.



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