WOW: “He saved my life” Obesity men are surprised by how to succeed in losing weight of 57 kg

There are various diet methods in the world. Many people are experimenting with all methods to find a method that suits them.

A man living in Arkansas, USA, xopher 314 has been suffering from obesity for many years. And in 2012, a doctor said “If you do not lose weight, you will need a heart transplant by the age of 50” .

At that time his weight was 147 kg and he was suffering from hypertension. According to overseas media “kotaku”, he is afraid of hearing the words of this doctor, he decides to lose weight and starts attending the gym.

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Dance game setup nearly complete.

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However, although I was losing weight well at first, I rebounded quickly.

A few years later, he finds “Dance Dance Revolution (Dan Revo)” cheaply on sale at eBay on the auction site .

That Dan Rebo machine was a big arcade type, but just as he just bought a house, there was enough space to put the machine.

Actually he was supposed to be addicted to Dan Rebo’s machine around 2000. Buy without hesitation!

In this way, “Danrebody” was completed at his home.

He started playing immediately, but since he was heavy at the beginning and had no physical strength, he was finally able to play three times a day. However as I continue to play everyday, as I improve my eating habits, my physical strength gradually comes up and the level goes up so that I have become able to play for a long time.

And in 2018 he dropped his weight to 80 kg and finally regained a healthy body. Dance Dance Revolution” which appeared as an arcade game in 1998 is a game playing by stepping on the foot panel on the foot as shown by the arrow which appears on the screen according to music. It was sold for PlayStation later, and it became very popular in Japan.

If you are a man who has Dan Revo’s software at home, why do not you try pulling out and playing it.

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