WOW: Kit Kat Japan Use Rare ‘Volcanic Chocolate’ for New Range of Luxury Bars

No stranger to innovation, Kit Kat Japan continue to push the boundaries when it comes to never seen before chocolate creations.

Previously they have debuted a whole new type of chocolate (the world’s first ruby chocolate bar), as well as dazzled the world with countless exciting and bizarre Japan exclusive flavours.

The latest offering comes as part of their luxury ‘Sublime’ range, made with high quality ingredients and overseen by a patisserie, they’re only available in Kit Kat Chocolatory stores, and are more culinary delight than average chocolate bar.

The new ‘Volcanic Chocolate’ aims to give us a ‘taste of the earth’. This rare type of chocolate only accounts for 0.2% of the world’s total chocolate production. The volcanic taste is cultivated by growing the cocoa beans on volcanic islands where the flavour is impacted by the rich soil.

Nestle claim that the mysterious taste of the chocolate inspires thoughts of powerful magma, with a unique fruity and sour flavour.

The three variations are grown on different islands, and you can get the whole set to compare the subtle differences in taste from chocolate produced on Malakula Island (Vanuatu), Karkar Island (Papua New Guinea) and Mindanao (Philippines).

The volcanic chocolate bars go on sale from 15th January and can be bought online or at Kit Kat Chocolatory branches and pop up stores.

Nestle also hint that a chocolate bar affected by magma-rich soil is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, the image of fiery volcanos is sure to get your passionate message across!

Source: Nestle Japan

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