X Japan vocalist Toshi becomes a YouTuber, makes Christmas pancakes(Video)

In a departure from singing about blood and darkness along cold windswept streets, Toshi, the singer for the nation’s premier hard rock visual kei band X Japan, has taken up YouTubing as a new activity.

Although no stranger to being in front of the camera, does the 53-year-old musician have what it takes to feign inhuman levels of excitement over instant ramen and Smash Brother character reveals?

Let’s find out in the debut video of Cattoshi TV (named after the fact that Toshi looks like a cat).

Toshi seemed comfortable in the quick-cut world of a YouTuber, and despite his dark sunglasses and impressively densely-studded jacket, he has that same self-effacing charm a YouTuber needs.

He also follows the standard YouTuber formula for success by trying out trendy snacks. This time its Meiji’s Hokkaido Tokachi Junnyushi 45 cream sold in a handy “smart pack” which allows for easy pouring and recapping, as Toshi demonstrates.

▼ He also declares it “Great!”

Now it’s time for the kitchen corner with Toshi in a daring but fascinating combination of spikes and an apron. First he makes his own whipped cream using a whisk and the Hokkaido Tokachi Junnyushi 54. Then, it’s time to decorate some Christmas pancakes with the guy who sang hits such as “Sadistic Desire” and “I’ll Kill You.”

▼ “Decorating is the most fun, isn’t it?”

The episode is not without it’s elements of danger either as Toshi accidentally sprinkles too much powdered sugar on his Cattoshi face pancakes, obscuring his carefully designed chocolate drawing.

▼ “I sprinkled too much!”

In the end though, Toshi makes an admittedly delicious-looking Christmas pancake platter with all the trimmings!

▼ “I made a Santa!”

After completing his masterpiece, Toshi also gives a nice, comprehensive review of how it tastes. He even closes by telling us all to like and subscribe before signing off in true YouTuber fashion.

Sure he’s no Tarzo, but who is really? Still, viewer reactions were generally positive, if not very confused.

“What is he doing lol?!”
“Is this for real?”
“He doesn’t even sing. Wow.”
“It looks like all he does is review snacks?!”
“That cream looks like shampoo.”
“He’s so cute!”
“I’m not really into YouTubers, but I like X so I’ll check it out.”

Toshi is easily just as good as at least 90 percent of YouTubers out there, and if he can avoid desecrating the dead, assaulting someone with a chainsaw, or degrading half of the human race like his colleagues, this young up-and-comer may be able to finally retire from the wild world of rock and roll.

Source: YouTube/Cattoshi TV, My Game News Flash
Images: YouTube/Cattoshi TV

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