10 Best Japanese Horror Movies

Among all the major popular American horror movies you have watched, are mostly the Japanese authentic remakes, and for sure there’s a reasonable justification is that: Japanese movie Ringu later becomes The Ring and also, Ju-on: The Grudge later becomes The Grudge is extremely horror-struck.

Those movies that threaten us to use out of our night lights are nowhere to be discussed below as we’re highlighting 10 monstrous Japanese horror films. Gives a lot of whole new scary meaning; in fact, only the DVD covers are alone enough to give us nightmares.

If you are a horror movies lover and want some straight-up harrowing to the psychologically thrilling type of selection, come on these top-lists could be your best Japanese horror movies to stream right now.


1. Audition (1999)


Inside the movie, a fresh widower holds the phony auditions collaborating with his friend to find a new wife as suggested by his son, he then, fortunately, falls for a charming young and attractive woman occupied with a dark past. As they date each other but unfortunately their relationship can’t sustain that’s because her dark past affects it.

It gives you some vibes of feminism with soo much suspenseful psychological thrilling drama. However, the movie isn’t horrifying throughout, and the construction is quite slow. But, lately, an unexpected gruesome torture scene comes to end, and one interesting scene, we don’t even want to yell out right now that what one character eats for dinner. This Japanese horror film will give you the next level of aura.

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2. Snow Woman (1965)


Movie influence by Japanese folklore, Snow Woman is a hauntingly horror film. The story behind the movie is about a woman who attracts the victims with her beauty and kills them with her icy breath. The fact between death and gloom and movie contains visually striking backdrop fascinates you to watch. Most definitely it’s the tamer Japanese horror movie among all, so if you like a little spine-chilling horror movie, then this might be your piece of cake.

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3. Cold Fish (2010)


A movie belongs to a serial killer who is the owner of a Shizuoka shop specializing in selling tropical fish. Later on, the owner buys another fish shop to give harsh torture to the previous owner and his family and involved in their gruesome crimes. A well creepy setup for a horrifying movie, and Cold Fish will turn our view to see fishes in aquariums. The movie is generally based on Gen Sekine and Hiroko Kazama, a duo who killed four people in 1993.

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4. Dark Water (2002)


While the movie has some supernatural activities, Dark Water might grab your attention as a Japanese horror film to watch. It’s about a divorced mother who moves into a run-down apartment with her young daughter experiences a mysterious water leak from the floor above. However, strange things come first before they turn full-on destructive. Directed by Hideo Nakata, the filmmaker behind Ringu, the film offers up plenty of excitable and creepy figuration.

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5. The Outsider (2018)


Jared Leto fans, this is your cup of tea. Jared Leto as Nick Lowell, a former U.S. Marine captain who was exempted from his unit, and sent to Osaka prison, while in prison he becomes attracted to the dangerous lifestyle of the Yakuza (members of international organized crime syndicates originating in Japan), who joins the yakuza after spending time in an Osaka prison. As expected, violence and cruelty drama results in this Japanese horror pick.

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6. One Missed Call (2003)


One Missed Call is another Japanese horror film directed by Takashi Miike. The storyline begins with a young psychology student who receives an abnormal voicemail on the cell phone can hear her own voice screaming in it. The American remake received far better reviews than the original, so it’s advantageous checking out.

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7. Ju-On: The Grudge (2002)


Ju-On: The Grudge is probably the most famous modish Japanese horror film. It uses an interesting unpredictable sketch where a mysterious and revengeful spirit marks and pursues anybody who dares enter the house in which it resides. It contains physical world violence and grit as well as a supernatural ghostly atmosphere, so if you consider having both of those things, it’s an option to choose for The Grudge.

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8. Ichi the Killer (2001)


Here’s another action horror film directed by Takashi Miike, who also directed Audition. It’s about a bloodthirsty hoodlum who goes on a series of violent revenge when his boss apparently kidnapped by a mysterious murderer. The intensity of violence is at the summit that Ichi the Killer is banned in several countries. The movie does not shy away from over-the-top violence and portrays torture scenes with epic tranquility. So, it’s the one pick for you.

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9. Onibaba (1964)


Made in 1964, Onibaba is a classic Japanese horror movie, where two women kill samurai and loot their belongings for a living. It’s about a 14th-century civil war. It involves a mask of dead samurai, a hauntingly mother-daughter dynamic drama. Atmospheric drama, beautifully shot, horror is a misnomer, it isn’t horror, but horrible events happen.

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10. Ring (1998)


The Ring (Ringu in Japanese) is something else and inspired many other Asian horror films. It follows a reporter who’s investigating the mystery behind the cursed videotape that’s linked to the suspense deaths of multiple viewers seven days after watching it. The novelistic component makes it even more haunting, as you yourself after watching this seemingly cursed video. Undoubtedly, the movie will give you a phobia of wells.

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