123-Year-Old Japanese Only Boys School Has Skincare And Grooming Lessons!

The 125-year-old Tokyo school would like its students to consider proper grooming as a part of the “gentlemen’s education.”

Many high schools in Japan nowadays are co-ed; however, there are some single-sex schools. The theory behind this is that schools with singles allow students to concentrate on their studies by removing the everyday distractions of teenage romances.

However, the school’s administration at Seisoku Gakuen, an all-boys high college in Tokyo’s Kanda neighborhood, was established in 1896 and didn’t want the school’s students to become uncouth, uncultured group of ruffians, either. Therefore, this past Friday, all the new students in the first year at Seisoku were ordered to attend a special talk on grooming for personal use.

The objective of the grooming seminars, in the manner it was known as the grooming seminar, consisted of “promote and understand grooming as an aspect of proper etiquette.” Seisoku invited a representative from the men’s grooming products manufacturer Mandom to address the students of 150 aged between 15 and older on the benefits of skincare products or hairstyling wax. The lesson included instructions and exercises in making use of both.

The grooming program is the most recent part of Seisoku’s “gentlemen’s education” curriculum, first introduced in the school year 2020. Toru Kojima is the Seisoku Faculty member responsible for the program and the grooming program, says: “We started the program with the intention to help Seisoku students live an active and cool lifestyle as students in the middle of Tokyo.

Being aware of and proficient in the art of grooming and how to take care of their dress shoes and uniforms provides a clean and fresh environment. At the same time, the styling of their hair gives the students the to express themselves even when they’re wearing the uniform.”

It’s important to note that the emphasis of the class appears to have been focused on “grooming” as opposed to fashion-consciousness. Many commenters have said that looking professional is essential for job seekers, particularly in Japan, where first impressions are often significant. In addition, prospective employers emphasize how seriously the applicant takes the application.

It’s true that the majority of youngsters already are aware of how to groom themselves by the time they reach high school. However, the teens’ final years are when many of our life habits are set. This is the perfect moment to provide them with for those who would benefit from some advice to help them.

Also check out this amazing promotional video for Seisoku Gakuen:


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