144-Year-Old Wisteria Tree In Japan looks Like Something Out Of A Movie

These breathtaking photos, taken in the dark with hints of purple and pink, are actual images of Japan’s biggest Wisteria (or Wistaria ) tree.

This 144-year-old Wisteria, situated in the Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi, Japan, appears as no ordinary tree. With branches that stretch over a half-mile, standing in front of this tree will make you feel as if you’ve entered an entirely different world.

The purple and pink blooms of the wisteria tree spread throughout the entire width of the tree. The enormous vines that stretch out from this tree are held by steel rods positioned across. Without these rods, the branch’s weight could cause the tree to fall over itself and trap awed guests inside!

The steel rods allow one to climb beneath the tree to see how beautiful it appears from underneath. The light shines through the vibrantly colored vines from the inside, reflecting the flowers in various ways.

There are wisteria plants throughout the world; however, one of the most well-known and beautiful giants is Ashikaga Flower Park. After seeing these pictures, you’d definitely want to visit here on your next trip from Japan! It was first planted around 1870 and has been a source of great joy ever since. Wisteria blossoms are most beautiful between mid-April to the middle of May.

As you can see, the rods support the heavy vines of the Wisteria as it does not have a suitable surface to grow on or keep, will fall and expand into a huge pile. Based on the day you go, the lighting will change, offering an array of possibilities. Be aware, although this tree looks beautiful, the seeds shed are harmful.

Especially in this image (above) because you can see the branch of the tree in all its curving beauty. It’s not an actual tree branch, but more of thick vines. Whatever the case, the form of the trunk makes the tree more magical.

As a member of the family of peas, light brown to pale green seeds that the wisteria plant sheds are pretty big. They are not only toxic, but they can also be explosive. If left unattended, they will explode, opening up and separating with a roar. Wisterias appear to have regular tree branches; however, they’re vines. These vines can climb any support system in the vicinity and can get to 20 meters in height.

In only two years, growing Wisteria will gain a considerable number of pounds. But, Wisteria does develop slowly to the point that it will bloom, and some require many years to bloom. Don’t quit your wisteria plant since some can require as long as 6-10 years to flower. According to these pictures, as you can see, it’s definitely worth waiting.

The huge Wisteria of Japan is not the only one of this scale, and it’s not the biggest. A wisteria within the Sierra Madre, California, is a mile long and weighs more than 250 tons. The Wisteria was first planted in 1894.

If you’re not near any massive trees of Wisteria, at the very least, you could plant and cultivate your own Wisteria. Within a year, they can increase in height by up to 10 feet! Wisterias aren’t too challenging to maintain also. Wisteria can be an excellent method of drawing people in and attracting them in, hence the name. Wisteria is a symbol of “passionate love” or “obsession” in the Victorian flower language.


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