60 Habits You Formed In Japan That Will Never Works In Other Country

Let me start …….^ – ^
1. Forgot how to lock the door.

Even though remembered afterward, I don’t care. In Chinese says “People do not take any articles left by the wayside and that doors are not bolted at night”, and that is Japan.
2. Think all policemen are kind and friendly. They joke with you and even would lend you money to take a taxi.

3. Have no idea what a counterfeit money is because there is no such thing in Japan.

4. Never lock my bicycle when stopping by somewhere for errands. Things never get stolen even I leave my belongings on the bicycle.

5. Drink tap water whenever feel thirsty.

6. Never count the change I got from the cashier. Anyway, there is never shortchange.

7. Bow to everyone even strangers. In Japan, it’s common to be bowed.

8. Never double-check the quality of the purchased product on the spot, even laptop. There is no fake in Japan.

9. Never look around while crossing the road.

10. Polish shoes once every half year.

11. Never ask who it is before opening the door.

12. Don’t know how to throw garbage. Combustible or Incombustible? Even have to check the calendar to know what kind of garbage is allowed to throw today.

13. Became a fan of vegetables.

14. Started to think that piracy is illegal.

15. Lost curiosity towards restaurants. All restaurants look the same in Japan. Similar menu, similar price.

16. Put umbrellas on the umbrella stand outside the house. Never mind. Nobody would steal it.

17. Don’t know how to choose good quality vegetable. Everything looks good in the supermarket.

18. Can’t bargain anymore. Every price in Japan is fixed.

19. Don’t know how to open doors except in my home because all doors are automated.

20. “Sumimasen” became a common saying.

21. Forgot how to quarrel. Japan is too peaceful.

22. No need to bring toilet paper while going out. Every public toilet has toilet paper.

23. Got used to carrying two wallets. One for the bill, one for coins.

24. Never worry there is no elevator while going out with baby-car.

25. Have blind faith in the weather forecast. If it says it won’t rain at 2 pm, I will go out with no umbrella at 3 pm.

26. Never worry about the short amount of the purchased food.

27. Tend to believe that seafood is cheaper than meat.

28. Strongly feel that littering and spitting everywhere is evil behavior.

29. Never worry to be discriminated by accent.

30. Never worry to get thought strangely by others for just playing no-buying in a toy shop.

31. Think that a clean city is a basic human need.

32. Think that every corner or public space should have vending machines.

33. Abandoned the belief of “cheap-things-are-all-bad”. Because 100 yen shop things are really cheap but excellent!

34. Believe all shops’ sales are real.

35. Be surprised at the news about accidents.

36. Think that making mistakes is strange.

37. Think that all food is safe and clean.

38. Got used to waiting for public transportation according to the schedule.

39. Feel normal to meet an old man in good spirit.

40. Believe advertisement is true.

41. Even though nobody sees it, still nod while talking on the phone.

42. Get off the train automatically to make way for the people behind when the train is too crowded.

43. Press the floor button and hold the open button naturally for other passengers in an elevator.

44. Never sound the horn while driving; never ring the bell while riding a bicycle.

45. Never worry even though the bag zip is open. Even leave it at the seat while away to order Starbucks coffee.

46. Speak Japanglish while speaking English.

47. Stand by the left-hand side at the escalator, letting people pass by the right-hand side. (Osaka is opposite side)

48. Keep the trash in our bags and throw it at home.

49. Always carrying handkerchief and portable ashtray.

50. Wait until the light turns green even though there is no cars on the road.

51. Line up for everything.

52. Feel normal to be bowed by public servants.

53. Buying and selling adult stuff normally

54. Sit at the park randomly.

55. Barefoot once got home.

56. Never check if there is toilet paper in the toilet because most of them are electronic toilets.

57. Never smoke on the street. Find a smoking area to smoke.

58. No need to wash the vegetable properly. Sometimes even cook it without washing.

59. No hurries even though the earthquake is happening.

60. Going school, Taking the train, going to work, paying bills, everything is punctual.

If You don’t believe me? Ask your friends who have lived in Japan they experienced it or not?

Translated from- weixin./com (source)

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