83-Year-Old Japanese Man Sails Solo Across The Pacific In A Small Boat

Japanese ocean adventurer Kenichi Horie became the oldest person to sail solo across the Pacific in a nonstop 8500-kilometer yacht journey.

The 83-year-old record-breaking man arrived at Kii Channel’s small yacht, which divides the two Wakayama and Tokushima prefectures. His yacht isn’t that long, only weighing a ton at 6 meters in length.

83 year old japanese man sails solo across Japan

He said that he was happy to be able to return home with no significant issues. “I am grateful for all the support I received.”

Two months ago, his small yacht passed Hawaii, and he used a satellite telephone to communicate with his staff. He gets electricity in his yacht through solar power.

83 year old japanese man sails solo across Japan

This voyage replicates the journey he took 60-years ago to cross the Pacific without stopping at any ports. Horie, then 23 years old, set sail from Nishinomiya in Hyogo Prefecture to reach the West Coast city. He was also not carrying his passport with him.

83 year old japanese man sails solo across Japan

He became famous for his journey and wrote a bestseller about his travels. The sailor continued to sail the oceans, even on a solo trip around the globe in the early 1970s. He sailed around 7,000km in a wave-energy-powered boat from Hawaii to the channel in 2008.

He stated that he would like to continue challenging himself until he reaches the age of 100.


Source: Mainichi.jp

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