A Japanese Company Plans To Promote Tipping Culture In Japan Through Tip Tickets

A Japanese company is trying to promote tipping culture throughout Japan. This can help to motivate staff and assist restaurants that have lost their profits due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Culture introduction Tip Project, a new Japanese enterprise, is supported by several Japanese celebrities such as comedian Akihiro Nisho, best-selling author Takafumi Hirie, and YouTube personality Yoshihito Kanogashira. (Reported by Kotaku ).

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, the new venture will benefit staff and industries affected by the pandemic. It also aims to instill a tipping culture throughout Japan, which is well-known for not accepting tips from customers.

Although tipping is not part of Japanese culture, a taxi company in Tokyo gave passengers the option to tip drivers if they wish, SoraNews24 reported in July.

Social media users did not well receive this proposal based on the translations of Kotaku’s comments.

“This doesn’t suit Japan.”

“Guarantee standard wages. Take tips from rich people.”

“If tipping is introduced, then discount everything by 20 percent.”

“No thanks—this is a pain in the ass. It’ll be a pain for workers, too.”

But there’s a catch: While tipping in foreign countries involves leaving tips for servers or waiters to take, Tip Project intends to create an alternative. If successful, it would make quite a profit.

Tip Project plans to sell tickets for “Premium Japan Tip” to restaurants and other establishments. Customers can then fill out their names, the name of their server, and the amount they would like to tip. According to the project’s website, ten restaurants have implemented this system.

A video from the company depicts a dramatic representation of the country’s benefits to tipping culture.

The video features an employee of a small establishment losing with no motivation at work. This all changes when a female customer he helped by giving her blankets when she was sick tips him upon his departure.

Source: Kotaku

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