A Japanese Man Provides Daily Motivation to Olympic Athletes!


Tokyo is bustling with the Olympic craze, with landmarks such as Tokyo Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Skytree shining the Olympic Ring Colors, and the sublime Olympic cauldron at the display on Ariake. The athletes also are ecstatic upon witnessing the hospitality of Japan and are enjoying their wonderful stay.

As we’ve realized from watching the Olympics, getting a medal for your country is not an easy task as the number of medals is very high, and failing to do so can put an exorbitant amount of mental pressure on him/herself. Realizing this, a Japanese man arrives outside the Olympic Village and holds up a sign every day, wishing them a good morning and telling them that even if you don’t get the medal, you’re still the best !! and should believe in yourself!

Photo: Youka Nagase

He arrives in front of the Olympic Village every morning sometimes as soon as 7 am and holds up his sign when every bus carrying the athletes passes through. At first, on 22nd July a day before the opening ceremony, he was there holding a sign that welcomed them but after the game started and he saw how competitive athletes were for medals, he changed it to a more encouraging message.

Photo: Youka Nagase

He has not gone unnoticed as several passing athletes have noticed him and posted about him on their Instagram. He has turned into some sort of a small celebrity. He says he will be present there supporting the athletes until the last day of the event i.e. August 8th. Be sure to support him too if you happen to be around Harumi-3 crossing!

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