A Mysterious Metal Sphere Shows Up On A Beach In Japan

A massive metal sphere washed up on a beach in Japan has perplexed the locals and sparked a storm of theories.

Authorities have not been able to identify the object and its origin, nor can the bomb squad or police assigned to investigate.

What is certain is the fact that this object appears hollow and is not an actual threat. Many believe it’s a buoy of some kind.

The locals in the coastal city of Hamamatsu refer to it as “Godzilla egg”, “mooring buoy”, and “from outer space.”

Japanese radio station NHK presented a video of two officials at Enshuhama Beach looking at the rusty metallic sphere, which was approximately 1.5m (4.9ft) long and 4.9ft wide.

It was found by a person who notified the police when they noticed the strange object along the shore.

Authorities surrounded the area and then used X-rays to study the object, which didn’t reveal anything apart from confirming that the object was in good hands.

A beach runner reported to local media that he was shocked by the noise since the ball had been there for a while. “I tried to push it, but it wouldn’t budge,” NHK quoted him as saying.

Local authorities have confirmed that the building will be removed shortly. The kind of evidence found in this case may not typically raise suspicion; however, it is amidst general fear of unidentified objects after it was reported that the US shot down an unknown Chinese surveillance balloon at the beginning of the month.

Japan privately expressed the concern of China on Wednesday regarding possible surveillance balloons that have been spotted in its skies three times in 2019 – an assertion it first made in the last week. Beijing denies claims of espionage.

Defense ministers met Wednesday for the first high-level security dialogue between the two countries in the last four years. Both sides agreed to work towards setting up a hotline for communication in the spring.


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