Amazing: Japanese Wrestler Uses Powerful Butt to Smash Guinness World Record for Balloon Popping

A Japanese wrestler broke a Guinness World Record by bursting balloons using the power and speed of her butt.

Freestyle wrestler Saori Yoshida showcased her balloon-smashing prowess during her segment in Japan’s 24-Hour Television, a live telethon event held every year which aims to raise funds for charity.

The annual event features inspiring stories and well-known local celebrities encouraging citizens to donate to welfare, disaster relief, and environmental causes, reports SoraNews24


A veteran Olympian who won three consecutive gold medals in women’s freestyle wrestling at 2004, 2008, and 2012 Olympic Games, Yoshida has endeared herself to the Japanese people after she tearfully apologized in interviews for taking a silver medal home at the 2016 Olympics. Yoshida performed the stunt over the weekend with some help from Koji and Daiki of the comedy duo Brilliant, making it appear like a comedy skit.

The comedians were tasked with placing the balloons beneath Yoshida’s buttocks as she smashed her way through the challenging task.

Yoshida was able to pop a total of 129 balloons in 60 seconds, beating the previous record of 104 and officially earning her the Guinness World Record title.

Brillian ended the stunt by lifting their T-shirts to expose their torsos, which were painted with the words “Saori Yoshida’s bottom is the world’s best.”

The incredible feat was soon celebrated by fans online, with some creative netizens setting the clip of the performance to various music tracks to make it even more epic.



Entire source : soranews and nextshark

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