Amazing traditional Japanese building is actually a fully modern convenience store

In Japan , Convenience markets are often like mini supermarkets, but this one near one of Shinto’s holiest shrines also feels like a time machine. Religious structures and commercial districts have long been located adjacent to one another. Shrines and temples have been attracting pilgrims and travelers for centuries, many of whom crave food and entertainment after saying their prayers and making their offerings, and one of the most archetypical examples is found in the town of Ise.

Externally Traditionally look and the Internally modernized look is the heart-melting feature of this building!!!

Ise is home to Ise Shrine, one of the country’s most important Shinto sites. Right next to the complex’s Inner Shrine, or Naiku, as it’s called in Japanese, is Oharaimachi, a neighborhood of shops and restaurants catering to out-of-town visitors.

The awesome traditional looks is making an attraction as a privilege to the enthusiastic viewers but internally it is totally modern.  to the Among the merchants operating in the neighborhood is Family Mart, one of Japan’s largest convenience store chains. But whereas Family Mart branches usually look like this…

Inside, the shop features the same brightly lit, tiled interior as any other Family Mart, with the added bonus of a second-floor eat-in corner where you can rest your feet and enjoy your treats you purchased below.
But since Family Mart doesn’t accept payments in feudal period koban gold coins, maybe that’s for the best.

Shop information
Family Mart (Ise Inner Shrine branch) /ファミリーマート (伊勢神宮内宮前店)
Address: Mie-ken, Ise-shi, Ujiimasaikecho Azanaka Kashuraku 38
Source : Soranews24

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