America and Japan Will Finally Square off in a Giant Robot Battle

Two years after the American team called out Japan collective Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a machine duel, MegaBots announced that the fight will finally commence in September. In Megabot’s latest training video, the 12-ton monster is seen being piloted around an obstacle course. The mech uses its grappling claws to open doors, drives through walls, and tear the cockpit off another robot.

The battle’s start has been delayed because of logistical issues like “whether or not the venue’s floor can support the weight of giant robots falling, having sufficient power and utilities available to work on the robots, safety containing a fight between extremely heavy and powerful machines,” and so on.

The American fighting robot, named Eagle Prime, is a 16-foot behemoth with 430-horsepower under the hood, an air cannon and a custom tank tread for mobility. Eagle Prime will represent Team USA in the giant mecha duel against Suidobashi Heavy Industries’ 13-foot combat machine “Kuratas.”

Watch Eagle Prime’s training video below and get ready for real life Real Steel next month.

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