Affordable Traditional Japanese Home in the Countryside for $50k

For those intrigued by the prospect of living in Japan, understanding the types of properties available can be an enlightening experience. Consider this property in Kashunomachi, Tagawa District, Fukuoka Prefecture, listed for just 800万円 (approximately $50,000 USD).

Buying House in Japan

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This house offers a unique glimpse into traditional Japanese living.

Here are the details:

  • Location: Kashunomachi, Tagawa District, Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Proximity: About 50 km or an hour’s drive from Fukuoka city
  • Living Space: 105 square meters (1,128 square feet)
  • Land Area: 650 square meters (7,020 square feet)
  • Layout: 5 bedrooms, 1 dining room, and 1 kitchen
  • Year Built: 1966
  • Access: A 9-minute walk to Magarikane Station

Property Overview

This single-story house, built in 1966, offers a generous 105 square meters of living space. The layout includes five bedrooms, which is quite spacious by Japanese standards, especially for a property in this price range.

The house sits on a 650-square-meter lot, providing ample outdoor space for gardening or other outdoor activities.

Financial Details

The property is listed for 800万円, which translates to approximately $50,000 USD using the conversion rate of 158 yen to 1 USD. This makes it an affordable option for those looking to own a piece of real estate in Japan.

Location and Accessibility

Kashunomachi is located in the Tagawa District of Fukuoka Prefecture, a region known for its serene landscapes and traditional Japanese charm. The property is about 50 kilometers from Fukuoka city, making it a feasible commute for work or leisure.

The nearest train station, Magarikane Station, is just a 9-minute walk away, providing convenient access to public transportation.

Educational Facilities

For families with children, the property is conveniently located near educational institutions:

  • Elementary School: Kawara Town Shin’ei-kan Elementary School (approximately 1,787 meters away)
  • Middle School: Kawara Town Shin’ei-kan Middle School (also approximately 1,787 meters away)

Additional Information

  • Construction: Wooden structure
  • Floor Count: Single-story house
  • Parking: Available
  • Utilities: Propane gas, electricity, public water supply, and septic tank
  • Legal and Zoning Details:
    • Land rights: Freehold
    • Land classification: Residential
    • Urban planning: Outside city planning area
    • Building coverage ratio: 70%
    • Floor-area ratio: 200%

Surrounding Environment

The property is in a quiet, rural setting, ideal for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The spacious lot size allows for various outdoor activities, and the traditional wooden structure of the house provides a cozy, authentic Japanese living experience.

Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more about this property or have any questions, you can reach out to the listing agent:

  • Agent: Teshima Real Estate
  • Address: 812 Nakatsubara, Kawara Town, Tagawa District, Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Phone: 050-8880-1874
  • License Number: Fukuoka Prefecture Governor License (1) No. 19054
  • Affiliations: Fukuoka Prefecture Real Estate Transaction Association, Kyushu Real Estate Fair Trade Council

This property offers a fascinating look into the type of affordable real estate available in Japan, especially in more rural areas. Whether you’re considering a move or just curious about Japanese real estate, properties like this one provide interesting insights into local housing markets and lifestyles.

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