Asian Male Adult Stars Are Badly Needed In Japan!

Asian Male Adult Stars Are Badly Needed In Japan

The Japanese industry has 70 male adult stars and 10,000 female actresses. It needs your help.

Are you currently hunting for a job? Or maybe looking for another career that can revitalize your passion for life? Do you prefer working in an environment surrounded by a lot of gorgeous Japanese girls? Then bro, we might have some good news for you.

Apparently, the Japanese Adult industry is presently (and badly) in need of Asian male actors who would be willing to participate in filming adult videos. The scarcity is so bad that popular Japanese porn stars are now sending out SOS messages in social media to get help and relieve them of their “hard life.”

So gents, if you’re confident enough and believe you have all the libido and endurance to help save the limping Japanese porn industry, then quit your jobs now, book a flight to Japan, and help Shimiken and his pals fill in the gaping hole.

After all, you’ll be “working” with girls looking as hot as this:


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