Best 5 Japanese Amusement/Theme Parks You Must Visit

If Japan wasn’t already on your list of countries to ‘must-visit,’ we’re here to entice you more with an exciting list of theme parks with their unique traits. Most of them are close to Tokyo and incredibly famous among the residents, while some have just opened and have so much to explore!

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best five amusement parks you must visit while visiting Japan.


1. Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan has all your fantasy amusement needs in one giant place. They have newly opened Nintendo World, which has received tons of praise; immerse yourself in Harry Potter, Minions, Jurassic Park and many more from their ten different sections. Definitely visit USJ during weekdays and on non-festive days because you will have to wait a lot for rides (some rides could even have 2.5-hour wait times)

They also have live shows and parades with different themes. There are tons and tons of mascots hanging around, and unique Japanese tech makes interaction with the park much more fun and exclusive merchandise you can get only while there. Just be sure not to go there during the holiday season not to make this pleasant park a nightmare.


2. Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome is a great attraction and houses 55,000 people for events. What’s more, is that there’s an amusement park right in front of it. Make sure to try out the Thunder Dolphin and the huuuuuuge Ferris Wheel. Whether you’re a child or an adult, there’s something for everyone, and you can’t go wrong here. So if you’re looking for a safe choice to have some thrills of an amusement park, head to Tokyo Dome. Spoiler alert: The Ferris Wheel also serves as a karaoke.


3. Fuji Q Highland

Want Mt. Fuji to stay within your sight and pray while you get scared on rides? Then Fuji Q Highland is the destination. It is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji with record-breaking roller coasters like the tallest and fastest in the world. As with any amusement park in Japan, anime has also barged into Fuji Q Highland, so be prepared to find tons of anime-themed rides.

It’s also close to a tremendous Highland resort, an Onsen, and a Museum, so there are many amenities near the thrill of rides. Entry to the park is free, and you must pay for respective rides ranging between 400-2000 yen. You also have a chance to get an unlimited 1-day pass for 6300 yen.

There are also kids-specific rides, so they don’t have to try the world’s steepest, tallest roller coaster. (All the best)


4. Tokyo Disneyland

There are six Disney Resorts worldwide, and they have quite a few theme parks within them. However, an Asian twist on American Disney might feel quite trippy. That’s what you get in Tokyo Disneyland. They are open almost every time during the year (again, avoid the festive season and holidays). This park is the third most busiest park ever around the globe.

Shopping District, Outer space-themed parks, Princess-themed parks, there’s everything you love about Disney in that place. There’s even a whole area featuring the wild West in the U.S. But Japan’s weather might make every amusement park feel like the wild West. So be mindful of the festive season, holidays, and weather season.


5. Studio Ghibli

The time is finally here, we’ve saved the best for the last. For the ultimate Studio Ghibli weeb, November 1st 2022, marks the day from when they could make their immersion in Ghibli one step closer. This park has been developing since 2020 and was announced in 2017.

For a detailed guide and tons of information with pictures, check our previous post here, but to summarize, there are five significant attractions in the park, all based on different Ghibli films. The pre-open images that were officially released show us quite the promise! There’s even a 16-metre-tall replica of Howl’s Moving Castle.


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