Best 8 Japanese Digital Artists and 3D Animators

Learning to master 3D digital arts and breaking the limits isn’t tricky in an area constantly changing, thanks to the latest technology and advanced software. Since Japan is where anime was born and, more recently, the first world-class online art gallery, it would be only natural to witness the most talented Japanese artists releasing stunningly beautiful digital art. This article comprises top-tier digital artists that hail from Japan that you should be aware of if you’re getting into the niche.


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Hirokazu has proven to be an absolute perfectionist. He has created outstanding work that includes the avatar of virtual artist Teresa, who’s 3rd music video, “Youthful Strangers,” has received more than 1.3 million viewers on YouTube. His talents in concept design and 3D visualizations that are incredibly hyper-realistic have allowed him to work with big names like Subaru, Sony, and Nintendo, to mention just some, and it’s simple to comprehend why once you’ve seen his stunning and realistic 3D models.


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Despite being a predominantly male-dominated field, according to Mai’s own words, she was not looking to be treated lightly due to her gender. One of the main themes in her work is facing challenges and being confident about your own decisions, which is evident through the expressions of emotion in her many vibrant works where she challenges herself to create face-to-face artwork. Many of these unique drawings will be displayed at Mai’s 2nd solo show in Harajuku, Tokyo, in the coming month.


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If you’re looking for 3D or 4D-inspired designs that you’re seeking and you love airplanes and cars mainly, Wanoco 4D is an excellent choice. Waco is a highly skilled Blender artist who manages to squeeze in the time to pursue mechanical engineering and design at Kyoto University. It’s easy to figure out how she’s amassed 90,000 followers with her posts that instantly take you to the middle of sci-fi futuristic action sequences and finish with a brief video of how she put them all together.


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If you loved your childhood to the core with stories of dystopian and fantasy, There’s something in Esteo’s work that will resonate with you. His portfolio is with what can be described as amazing gothic sci-fi androids and mythical creatures armed with an array of distinctive weapons.

5.Takayuki Yoshida 

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Takayuki Yoshida works as a multi-disciplinary artist specializing in CG motion graphics. He is famous for his unique methods of bringing ideas to life. Takayuki’s passion for the tangled landscape of Tokyo resulted in creating the “Tokyo New crosswalk Style” map on Twitter, which received over 115,000 views and was shared 1.5 million times. Below is a picture of his most recent Instagram post, titled “Soap,” made with Cinema 4d, and shows his potential to be used in commercial applications.


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Tsubasan is a Japanese animator with over 18 years of experience. He is well-known for his digital modeling skills and the creation of large fantasy environments. He is also an artist who imparts his knowledge and frequently gives in-depth tutorials explaining his work, including this live facial recording made with Unreal. If you’re searching for videos on the process of ZBrush creating hair or sculpting it using Maya, make sure you go through Tsubasan’s most recent blog videos.


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Matsunaga Takafumi is a Tokyo visual designer based in Tokyo. He has an impressive talent in the field of motion design. Although he’s not more well-known than the other artists listed, there’s no doubt that his work is creative as you browse his Instagram. Matsunaga excels at using technology to create deviant art with everyday household objects. We see a stream of cones for traffic, signs, and even condiments, all floating toward us over a tranquil suburban street.


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Wataboku began his artistic career in the midst of being an office worker as well as a member of an ensemble. It is believed that in Japanese, “Watashi” and “Boku” are two different meanings that makeup “I,” but after focusing on his work and music, he combined these two distinct informal and casual pronouns to create one. Wataboku has received international recognition for his fictional character “SAI,” which means “life,” which has led to numerous exhibitions throughout Asia. We’ll let you enjoy the sloppy work of his, which is more complex than it appears!


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