10 Best Chain Ramen Restaurants in Japan

From thick, rich broths to customization options, Japan’s popular ramen chain restaurants have something for everyone. Read on for the top 10 favorites chosen by over 6,000 Japanese men and women. Compiled internet research results conducted by CM Site Co., Ltd. on July 28, 2023.

1. Tenkaippin 天下一品 

With its thick, rich chicken and vegetable broth that took over 3 years to perfect, Tenkaippin’s unique flavor profile has gained a cult following. Their newest “Kotteri MAX” soup is the richest broth yet.

2. Sugakiya スガキヤ

Originally a sweets shop, Sugakiya has served ramen and dessert side-by-side since 1948. Diners love their “ramen fork” utensil design, now featured at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

3. Ichiran 一蘭

Known for odor-free tonkotsu pork broth bowls customized to each diner’s preferences, Ichiran adds a secretly spiced red sauce for an extra kick. The family-owned chain began in Fukuoka in 1960.

4. Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai 喜多方ラーメン 坂内 

Specializing in lighter, soy-flavored Kitakata style ramen since 1946, the brand is frequently praised for its delicate broth, curly noodles and high-quality roast pork.

5. Hakata Ippudo 一風堂

Hakata Ippudo brings regional Hakata ramen and bouncy, straight noodles to the masses. Signature bowls feature cloudy white pork bone broth with slow roasted barbecue pork belly.

6. Kourakuen 幸楽苑

In business for over half a century, no-frills Kourakuen focuses on simple, nostalgic flavors like shoyu and miso ramen with green onion, pork or beef. Customers return for the old-school vibe.

7. Marugen Ramen 丸源ラーメン

Marugen Ramen first opened in 1968 and now has over 100 Japanese locations. Diners love the varied menus and constant special offerings beyond classic ramen like tsukemen dipping noodles.

8. Kurumaya くるまやラーメン

Miso ramen is the star at Kurumaya, where the recipe has stayed largely the same since 1954. Fans rave over the perfectly balanced sweet and savory broth that highlights flavors of fermented soybean paste.

9. Machida Shoten 横浜家系ラーメン 町田商店

Pork bone and soy sauce broth with flat, straight noodles defines Yokohama-style ramen on the menu here. Focusing on this regional genre since 1967 built a loyal customer base.

10. Moukotanmen Nakamoto 蒙古タンメン中本

Mongolian-style spicy soup with thin noodles put Moukotanmen Nakamoto on the map back in 1982. Housemade chili oil and Sichuan peppercorns give these bowls a powerful kick loved by spice seekers.

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