10 Best Cheap Ramen in Shinjuku in 2024

Imagine standing in a long line, your stomach rumbling, as you wait for your turn at a Michelin Star ramen shop. You’re in Shinjuku, the heart of Tokyo’s bustling food scene, where the best ramen doesn’t have to break the bank. This is the place where you’ll find unbeatable prices for the quality of food and service.

Buying House in Japan

You’ll be amazed at the rich, flavorful tantanmen, the melt-in-your-mouth char siu over rice, and the cozy, upscale atmosphere. Don’t let the line deter you. It’s worth the hour and a half wait. And if you’re lucky enough to snag one of the 12 coveted seats, you’re in for a treat.

This isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience. Whether you’re a tourist looking to sample different types of ramen, or a local on the hunt for a new favorite spot, Shinjuku’s cheap ramen scene is a must-try.

Note: All ratings are out of 5 points in a rigorous customer rating system. We rarely see ratings over 4. All data and images from tablelog.

Soba House Konjiki-Hototogisu (金色不如歸 新宿御苑本店)

As you venture into the bustling heart of Shinjuku, brace for an unforgettable ramen experience at Soba House Konjiki-Hototogisu– a Michelin Bib Gourmand award rated ramen restaurant for good quality and good value.

Yes, there might be a line to get in but remember, the best things come to those who wait. Amidst the vibrant streets, the restaurant sits close to Shinjuku Gyoenmae station– an ideal rendezvous spot after exploring the city.

Everyone raves about their tantanmen and char siu. The classic tantanmen stands out, popular for its rich, full-bodied flavors. On the other side, if you’re a fan of tender, perfectly seasoned pork, their lauded char siu needs to be in your meal selection.

The restaurant is no ordinary ramen joint. It holds an impressive average review score of 3.83 from over 2,000 reviews. An endorsement sure to spark your curiosity and appetite. Stepping inside, you’d be greeted by an upscale yet cozy atmosphere that harmonizes with the delectable delights served. Fast, prompt service ensures maximum satisfaction irrespective of the crowd.

When talking about prices, the plates are as pleasing as the price tags. Most dishes range from ¥999 to ¥1999, striking a balance between luxury dining and affordable eats. This makes it an excellent choice for both the budget-bound traveler and the haute-cuisine seeker.

While embarking on your ramen exploration in Tokyo, taking the time to savor the offerings at Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu is strongly encouraged. Leave room for those exceptional side dishes and trust the wave of positive reviews that proclaim it a must-visit. The profound impression left by their ramen would surely kindle a love for Tokyo’s food scene. Few things can compete with a bowl of impeccably prepared ramen after a day of sightseeing in the busy city of Shinjuku, right? Embrace this gastronomical adventure and let your palate be the judge.

Kashiwagi (かしわぎ)

In your quest for the best inexpensive ramen houses in Shinjuku, one stop surely stands out – Kashiwagi. Nestled in Tokyo’s vibrant Higashi Nakano neighborhood, close to the bustling streetscapes, this restaurant is known for its superb flavors and affordability.

Famed for its translucent soup base, Kashiwagi serves a sumptuous variety of ramen dishes with most prices staying under¥999. With an average review score of 3.79 from over 1,289 ravenous customers, Kashiwagi has created quite a stir among locals and culinary explorers alike.

If you’re yearning to try their signature dishes, the soy sauce ramen and seasoned egg are highly recommended by their loyal patrons. Going by the reviews, customers rave about the dishes’ cost-performance with concise praises like ‘delicious’, ‘worth the price’ and ‘satisfying’.

But there’s more to Kashiwagi than just their dishes. Patrons appreciate the vibe and atmosphere of this restaurant. It’s a comfortable space, with attentive service, adding to the overall dining experience. Be it lunch or dinner, Kashiwagi serves mouthwatering dishes that hit just the right spots.

However, do bear in mind, Kashiwagi is well-liked so there might be a waiting line sometimes. This is testament to the popularity and quality of this ramen spot. So, on your gastronomical tour in Shinjuku, ensure you slot Kashiwagi high up on your restaurant hitlist! Reward your taste buds with a visit to Kashiwagi. It’s more than just a culinary experience, it’s an intro to Tokyo’s authentic ramen culture.

Mendokoro Kinari (メンドコロ キナリ)

Pushing forward on our flavorful expedition, we’ll uncover Mendokoro Kinari, another ramen gem in Higashi Nakano, Tokyo. You’ll relish the mouthwatering ramen at surprisingly wallet-friendly prices, with most meals falling under ¥999.

The restaurant boasts an impressive average review score of 3.79 from 1,228 customers. The reviews highlight the balance of the restaurant’s dishes. Customers rave about the tenderness of the meat and the unique taste of every dish. Clients particularly point out the seasoned egg as a must-try. If your taste buds yearn for something a little different, Kinari offers a rotating series of monthly specials.

Along with the delicious food, customers tell tales of an intimate, friendly atmosphere. The restaurant’s size – featuring one table of four, another table for two, and six bar counter stools – ensures you feel a part of the thriving Tokyo ramen scene.

Their menu caters to your appetite, regardless of its size. From a simple shoyu ramen to rich Tantanmen that leaves you sipping to the last drop. Additional side items delight the palate further. Try their delectable dumplings and wontons if you’re lucky enough to nab a seat!

For an unparalleled ramen experience without breaking the bank, Mendokoro Kinari comes highly recommended. As with many popular spots, expect a queue. But rest assured, your patience pays off with a culinary experience that’s worth the wait. As you explore Tokyo’s ramen scene, remember to have your yen ready because some places, like Kinari, operate on cash only.

Despite the fierce competition, Mendokoro Kinari holds its own in Higashi Nakano’s robust ramen culture. It continues to win hearts and stomachs with the great value it offers, one bowl at a time. Inevitably, this inviting ramen house is a benchmark for budget ramen lovers in Tokyo. The journey continues as we discover even more delectable, affordable ramen spots in the next sections.

Fūunji (拉麵 風雲兒)

Next on our culinary journey, Fūunji. Known locally as 風雲児 新宿本店, this ramen venue rises as an affordable eatery in the busy hub of Minami Shinjuku. Outstanding with flavorful bowls of ramen and tsukemen under ¥999, it’s a place budget conscious foodies wouldn’t want to miss.

Fūunji amasses a total of 3,708 reviews that collectively give it a 3.78 out of 5 average rating. The dishes shine with a 3.8 rating, indicating the exceptional flavor and presentation packed in each serving. Patrons particularly rave about the genuine taste of ramen that keeps them coming back for more. You’re up for an immersive dining experience that’s more than just feeding your hunger.

The atmosphere is bustling but intimate. It’s lively, yet permits you to savor your food discretely. If you’re dining solo, with a partner, or even as a small group, you can comfortably fit into the groove this place offers. Breaking down the restaurant reviews further, atmosphere scores an average of 3.5. That’s an affirmation you’re in for an authentic Japanese dining setting.

Price-wise, it’s a no brainer. As you would expect, Fūunji’s ramen bowls sit in the budget-friendly range. A breakdown of user reviews shows that many meals were enjoyed for just under ¥1,999. Now isn’t that a pleasant surprise?

Let’s talk user reviews. With phrases such as “Special ramen for ¥1,100” and “In the top three best Ramen I’ve ever had”, the sentiment of Fūunji’s patrons is evidently positive. Encouragingly, quick service and move-along queues seem to be inherent traits found by every diner here. Rest assured, the restaurant operates efficiently, ensuring your ramen craving will be satisfied promptly.

Take it from your fellow ramen seekers. Beautifully crafted and price conscious, Fūunji is a stop worth marking on your ramen-eating adventure through Tokyo.

Menya Sho (麺屋翔)

As your ramen hunt continues, take time to visit Menya Sho (麺屋翔). This ramen haven located near Seibu Shinjuku Station in Tokyo showcases a superior culinary display for under ¥999. It’s all about the satisfying meal without hurting your pocket.

Menya Sho shines with an average rating of 3.78 from 2863 reviews. The patrons speak highly of their experience. They savor the flavors of unique dishes and laud the reasonable cost-performance ratio. These delighted customers truly demonstrate the restaurant’s consistent quality service.

The best part? You’re not left guessing what to order. Fans rave about the Special Ramen and rave about the quality of the pork included. It’s not too spicy, not too bland – just a perfect balance that hooks you from the first sip.

You may even develop a craving for the tantalizing Tsukemen – another must-try here! The reviews show this dish as the restaurant’s star performer, with diners finding its richness incomparable.

And yes, there’s always something more at Menya Sho. How about trying the Char Siu over rice that reviewers claim melts in your mouth. Or perhaps the Tantanmen, so rich and flavorful that patrons drink up every last drop.

The catch? There’s potentially a long wait, especially during peak hours. But as one reviewer exclaims – it’s 100% worth the wait. The atmosphere is cozy, upscale yet low in price. A winning combination for any discerning diner on a budget.

Remember, the authentic experience starts with purchasing your meal ticket from the vending machine. So let’s set foot into the heart of the bustling Shinjuku neighborhood and let Menya Sho (麺屋翔) redefine your taste for quality ramen.

Menya Kaijin (麺屋海神 新宿店)

Menya Kaijin, another culinary gem in Shinjuku, comes with its own fanfare. It’s situated near Shinjuku station, just a short walk away. This restaurant specializes in Ramen and Donburi dishes, making it a dream come true for noodle lovers.

With a mean rating of 3.76 from 3054 reviews, Menya Kaijin has woven its magic on discerning patrons. The menu cleverly pairs affordability with top-notch quality. Most items fall under the ¥999 range, making wallet-friendly indulgence a reality.

Described as an “enchanted soup” to behold, the golden, clear broth at Menya Kaijin is made from meticulously simmered fish offcuts. Each day brings a new variation, indicating the heart that goes into each creation. Patrons rave about the rich seafood aroma, lucidity, and refreshing taste. No overpowering fishy stench, just pure, enhanced flavors. The noodles? Perfectly thin and straight.

This place does draw quite a crowd. So, for the best experience, you might want to consider visiting during non-peak hours. You may find yourself amidst a sea of regulars—local workers and students—all drawn by the high-value delicious meals.

As part of their authentic Japanese dining experience, your interaction primarily begins with the ordering machine. This restaurant leaves a lasting impression with its rapid, prompt service. And while the atmosphere can get intense with the piling crowd, inside, it’s all cool and comfortable, thanks to the air conditioning.

When you step into Menya Kaijin, let your senses do the talking. Enjoy the spectrum of aromas, visually appetizing dishes, bustling sounds, and tantalizing flavors. It is that unique combination of simplicity and complexity within a bowl that gives Menya Kaijin its undeniable charm. A bowl of their ramen is more than just a meal—it’s an experience worth relishing.

Watanabe (渡なべ)

Opting for a more off-the-beaten-path experience? Watanabe (渡なべ) incites intrigue. Right out of Nishi Waseda station in Tokyo, this ramen and Tsukemen hub sweeps the local food scene. With a respectable average rating of 3.76, garnered over 1329 individual reviews, you’re stepping into a culinary hotspot.

Quality over novelty sums up Watanabe’s approach to ramen making. A forkful of “背脂チャッチャッ”— thick, luscious noodles enveloped in a fatty, savory broth —is a commitment to a soulful dining experience. Served in heaping portions at only ¥1,100, Watanabe offers a level of authenticity that resonates with every dedicated food enthusiast. Add on a flavorful, semi-boiled “味玉” (flavored egg) for just ¥150, and you’ve got a meal that satiates more than just your appetite.

Watanabe then envelops you in an atmosphere that blends a classical style with a modern touch. Be it a solitary ramen hunt or a leisurely meal with friends, Watanabe hits the mark. It places emphasis on the dining experience: on ensuring that each customer not only enjoys their meal but carries with them a fond remembrance of the ambiance and service.

Pricing is competitive, with options within the ¥999 bracket and restaurant reviews praise the cost performance. While noted to be always bustling with locals and tourists alike, the wait times are worth every minute spent. To the discerning diner searching for an unsullied, authentic Tokyo ramen experience, Watanabe is a compelling consideration.

Ootsukaya (大塚屋)

A stone’s throw away from Ichigaya station you’ll find Ootsukaya, a ramen haven for those value-seekers. You’re about to embark on a journey filled with rich flavors and satisfying sustenance, all priced under ¥999.

Walk into Ootsukaya and you’ll immediately see why it’s so popular, boasting an average rating of 3.75 from 1119 reviews. The atmosphere is inviting, fitting perfectly for solo diners and groups alike.

Their claim to fame is their Spicy Miso Ramen, a soul-stirring blend of spice, savory broth, and tender noodles. After tasting it, you might forget you’re in the middle of bustling Tokyo. Their menu isn’t just limted to spicy miso either. You have the option to feature ginger and garlic topping, served without any extra cost!

Many diners rave about their smooth, thick broth, crafted painstakingly to reflect the deep traditions of classic ramen. The noodles, firm yet satisfyingly soft, complement the broth perfectly, creating a harmony that your tastebuds will thank you for. They like it so much, they don’t mind waiting in long lines, especially during peak hours.

Understanding it’s not just about the food, Ootsukaya has gone all out with its decor. Admire the masks lining the walls, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your dining experience. It’s a unique blend of the traditional with a modern twist, an atmosphere that resonates with many visitors.

For a robust ramen experience that won’t thin out your wallet, Ootsukaya is a must-visit. So if you find yourself near Ichigaya Station with a rumbling stomach, drop by Ootsukaya and savor the best value ramen Tokyo has to offer. Their quality keeps customers coming back time and time again, adding another positive review to their ever-growing numbers.

Mendokoro Hanada Ikebukuro (麵處 花田 池袋店)

Finding that perfect bowl of ramen can be a journey. But at Mendokoro Hanada Ikebukuro, your search might end. It’s near the Ikebukuro station in Tokyo. This place is known for its Tsukemen and Ramen options.

The vibe of the place straddles between fast casual and formal if one could say so. It’s inviting for solo diners and even groups. The restaurant has an average rating of 3.74 from over 2297 reviews. It’s no surprise then that diners are often spotted waiting in long queues before the restaurant opens.

One of their popular dishes, the Miso Ramen, is a must-try. The broth of this dish has been described as a perfect combination– a smattering of a heavy, flavorful broth with perfectly cooked noodles. You might also find their Shrimp Dumplings a good pair with your ramen.

Though the restaurant’s average price for dishes is between ¥999 to ¥1,999, many visitors have praised their cost performance. It’s not every day you find economic food that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Judging by various reviews, Mendokoro Hanada Ikebukuro is widely known for its fast and prompt service. The quick turnover of the crowd even during peak hours is a testament to their swift and efficient staff.

For your next meal in Tokyo, you’re one step closer to tasting one of the** best cheap ramen in Shinjuku** at Mendokoro Hanada Ikebukuro.

(Source: MENU: Ramen, Tsukemen / PRICE RANGE: ¥999 to ¥1,999 / RATING: 3.74).

Suzuran (煮干中華麵 鈴蘭)

Only a hop and a skip away from Shinjuku Sanchome station you’ll find the enticing Suzuran (煮干中華そば 鈴蘭). Boasting a stellar rating of 3.72 from a firm foundation of 1817 reviews, this ramen haunt is undeniably worth checking out.

Let’s delve into what makes Suzuran so favored amongst the hoards of ramen connoisseurs. Known for its ramen, Tsukemen and Abura Soba, the restaurant offers a convivial atmosphere perfect for a quick bite or a laid-back meal. The top-tier dishes, often sung praises of, include their signature Tsukemen and Miso ramen.

Digging further into customer reviews, visitors rave about the depth of flavor in the broth. The Niboshi (dried sardines) based broth isn’t just an inflated promise, it delivers! You’ll get a taste of sharp, rich, and umami flavors that strike a harmonious balance.

And let’s not skim past the importance of good service. Suzuran has been applauded time and again, for their fast and efficient service, making your dining experience all the more enjoyable.

Let’s talk money. With a budget ranging from ¥999 to ¥1,999, Suzuran fits the bill for being both affordable and delicious. It indeed mirrors the ethos of providing good cost performance food, a fact that echoes in their reviews.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to relish a bowl of hot, umami-filled ramen on a cool Tokyo day?

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