5 Best Kyoto Ryokan With Private Onsen in 2024

Kyoto is renowned for its blend of traditional charm and modern elegance. The allure of Kyoto is further magnified by the presence of exceptional ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) that offer private onsen (hot springs) experiences.

Here are the top 5 ryokans in Kyoto, where luxury meets tradition, providing an unforgettable stay.

Hotel/RyokanHighlightBook Here
Suiran, A Luxury Collection HotelSerene riverside luxury, traditional eleganceBook Here
Nazuna Kyoto GoshoIntimate luxury, Michelin-level cuisineBook Here
Nazuna Kyoto Nijo-joTea-themed suites, private open-air bathsBook Here
Kyoto Nanzenji Ryokan YachiyoTranquil oasis, semi-open-air bathsBook Here
Hanaikada RyokanAuthentic onsen, scenic Arashiyama locationBook Here

Suiran, A Luxury Collection Hotel

Situated on the scenic banks of the Katsura River, Suiran stands out as a serene retreat.

This Luxury Collection Hotel marries traditional Japanese aesthetics with contemporary comfort, making it a top choice for discerning travelers.

Each of its rooms, especially the ones featuring private onsen baths, offers an exquisite view of the river or surrounding mountains.

Guests rave about the hotel’s meticulous service, highlighting experiences like the afternoon tea on the outdoor balcony at Café Hassui.

The exquisite Wash-oku cuisine, prepared with a French twist, adds a unique flavor to the stay.

With its close proximity to iconic sites like the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Suiran is a perfect blend of luxury, location, and cultural immersion.

Nazuna Kyoto Gosho

Nazuna Kyoto Gosho, a few minutes away from the Kyoto Imperial Palace, offers an intimate experience in its seven-room setup.

Each room, designed with a Wagashi (traditional Japanese confection) theme, showcases an interior that’s both luxurious and steeped in tradition.

The guest rooms on the first floor feature luxury bedding and private open-air baths, which guests find immaculately clean and immensely relaxing.

The attention to detail in the décor and the à la carte breakfast prepared by Michelin-certified chefs make Nazuna Kyoto Gosho a haven of refined Japanese hospitality.

Its convenient location and exceptional service make it a highly recommended stay for those looking to immerse themselves in Kyoto’s rich culture.

Nazuna Kyoto Nijo-jo

Nazuna Kyoto Nijo-jo, near the historical Nijo Castle, offers a unique stay experience with its tea-themed custom-designed suites.

Each suite, equipped with either a Shigaraki traditional ceramic open-air bath or a spacious semi-open-air Hinoki bath, provides guests with a private, luxurious onsen experience.

The property’s intimate setting, combined with heartwarming customer service, leaves guests feeling deeply connected to the traditional spirit of Kyoto.

The standout feature, as per guests, is the Irori-style breakfast, offering a traditional culinary journey.

This adult-only property is perfect for a romantic getaway, blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern amenities.

Kyoto Nanzenji Ryokan Yachiyo

Kyoto Nanzenji Ryokan Yachiyo, adjacent to the Nanzen-ji Temple, offers guests a peaceful oasis in the midst of the bustling city.

Known for its large public baths and beautiful Japanese gardens, Yachiyo provides a traditional ryokan experience with modern comforts.

The rooms with private semi-open-air baths, overlooking tranquil gardens, are particularly popular among guests.

The ryokan’s location is perfect for those seeking both relaxation and the opportunity to explore Kyoto’s historical sites.

The serene environment, combined with the exquisite on-site dining options, makes Kyoto Nanzenji Ryokan Yachiyo a top choice for visitors seeking a traditional Japanese stay.

Hanaikada Ryokan

Hanaikada Ryokan, nestled near the iconic Togetsukyo Bridge in Arashiyama, is a traditional Japanese ryokan offering an authentic onsen experience.

The ryokan features both private and gender-segregated public open-air baths, fed 100% by natural hot spring water.

Guests often highlight the clean and cozy baths, along with the traditional Kyo-kaiseki dinner, as highlights of their stay.

The unique aspect of Hanaikada is its location, providing easy access to the sights of Arashiyama while offering a serene retreat from the city’s hustle.

The views of the river and the surrounding landscape from the ryokan add to its charm, making it a sought-after destination for those wanting to experience Kyoto’s natural beauty.

Kyoto Ryokan With Private Onsen

Each of these ryokans in Kyoto provides a distinct experience, blending traditional Japanese hospitality with modern luxury.

Whether it’s for the serene riverside views at Suiran, the intimate luxury of Nazuna Kyoto Gosho, the cultural immersion at Nazuna Kyoto Nijo-jo, the peaceful tranquility of Kyoto Nanzenji Ryokan Yachiyo, or the natural beauty of Hanaikada Ryokan, these establishments promise an unforgettable stay in Kyoto.

These ryokans continue to uphold the timeless tradition of Japanese hospitality, making them ideal for travelers seeking a unique and luxurious experience in Japan’s ancient capital.

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