“Birthday Colors” Are A New Trend In Japan! Here’s How To Know Yours

It doesn’t matter if you love it or not, astrology is all the rage on Japanese Instagram Stories. Everybody is uploading their own color swatch with their birth date on top and their prominent personality traits at the bottom. These “Birthday Colors” are a fun way to let people know their swatches of color and personality traits.

know you birthday color new japanese trend

It seems that it is because of Michele Bernhardt, an American astrologist. In the early 2000s, she came up with birthday colors by combining numerology, astrology, and color theory. She published it in her book ” Colourstrology”.

Pantone was her collaborator, and she used their color database for these birthday colors. Pantone, the world’s most respected business, expert on color, has chosen ” Colour of the Year” for businesses for 22 years. By the way, this year’s color is “Very Perri”.

We are talking about a book that hit the stores in the early 2000s. It took a while, but Japanese birthday colors are now wildly popular.

know you birthday color new japanese trend

Here’s my birthday color for February 26

People are curious about their unique color and personality traits. Choosing a color for yourself is a great way to make a statement, especially when buying gifts for someone. In Japan, many consider these their lucky color.

How do you choose the birthday color?

know you birthday color new japanese trend

Well, head on over to this website and find your birthday. Click on your chosen color to take a screenshot. You can then share the image to any social media platform you choose (or keep it private). You can then compare it with your Japanese friends. Some people go one step further, buying items in their birthday colors for luck.

Bernhardt says that wearing the color or keeping close to it is meant for you balance, and has nothing to do with luck. Knowing your friends and family’s birthday colors can make shopping easier.

Businesses are aware of the growing popularity of birthday colors, and they are responding accordingly. Smartphone cases are now available for those who wish to keep their birthday color close at hand.

Instagram and Twitter are full of advertisements such as the one above, trying to sell you your birthday color case.

Accessory-makers are also beginning to catch the trend, but they are still behind. Many people confuse birthday colors with birthstones because “Colorstology”, has its colors and its own birthday colors. These colors are completely different from birthstones. It’s not surprising that so many birthday colors are now in the mix.


Source: JapanInsider

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