Booster Shots For COVID-19 Vaccine Will Roll Out From Dec. 1 In Japan

Japan will begin the process of giving COVID-19 booster vaccine starting in December following an advisory panel of the health ministry that has approved the move on Monday. The country is now joining other nations in taking steps to stop protection from diminishing as time passes.

The vaccine created through Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE will initially be the sole one for the third dose. This means those who have had any of the other two kinds utilized in Japan — Moderna Inc. and AstraZeneca Plc. — will be required to be able to “mix and match.”

It was reported that the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare panel also noted that patients would require eight months between their second and third shots. However, local governments may shorten the period by six months should they feel it necessary, such as limiting an ongoing increase in the number of infections.

Booster shots have been beneficial in preventing the decline of immunity to infection and severe symptoms as time passes. They have been available in the United States offering them since the end of September.

PM Fumio Kishida had vowed to begin distributing third doses of medication within the following year. The program is being launched with medical professionals and then expanded to older adults in January.

Aged 18 or older are eligible to receive booster shots. Those with already existing health issues or working in occupations that are high risk are recommended to have them.

Municipalities will start sending out vouchers to receive booster shots later in the month.

Only the messenger RNA vaccines created through Pfizer or Moderna are available regardless of the type of vaccine patients receive in their first or second doses. Moderna’s vaccine is yet to be cleared by the health department for the third dose.

The AstraZeneca vaccination, which uses different methods, will undergo more analysis before being used as an injection to boost your immune system.

Based on the Japanese government, vaccinations have reached higher than 75% of Japan’s population, which is a higher number than many of the countries in the Group of Seven nations, despite getting off slowly. More than 78 percent of the population has received at least one vaccination.

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