Chinese Students Shout And Interrupt Japanese Students’ Presentation Regarding Taiwan

The Chinese dispute regarding Taiwan and the opinions of the Japanese have made their way into a presentation at Southampton University UK.

A Japanese student faced verbal abuse and scrutiny over his presentation slide, which included the flag of Taiwan and mentioned it as an individual country. When Chinese students saw this, they went into an uproar and blocked his PowerPoint presentation.

The clip of the incident itself was shared by a fellow Chinese classmate on a popular micro-blog Weibo in China by the user Gong Zheng Ah Gong Zheng.

The Chinese students in the class went ahead and blocked the projector with their hands and shouted that Taiwan is a part of China and not an individual nation. The individual boasted about his actions against the presentation and wrote that this stunt would make him proud for the rest of his life and that “China’s sovereignty won’t be violated!”

The video shows two international students laughing at their Chinese counterparts before the Chinese nationals demanded the Japanese student change his presentation to the next slide.

The University of Southampton did not comment on the incident.


Source: Taiwan News

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