Dream of Bride comes true with dress from Disney Princess

Kyoto-based company Kuraudia Co is bringing dreams come true for Disney fans around the world with their latest line of princess wedding gowns.

That’s right. Now, hardcore Disney fans can literally transform into their favorite princess on their wedding day.

But it this new development creepy or amazing? We honestly can’t decide.

Watching an adult dress as a cartoon character to kick off a longterm relationship feels a little uncomfortable. Weren’t all these Disney princesses waiting around most of their life to find a prince? The theme of “damsel in distress” is a little depressing when applied to the idea of marriage.

If you’re cosplaying as Rapunzel from Tangled on the day you plan to get married, perhaps you should consider your reasons for tying the knot.

Kuraudia Co offers fourteen dress designs based on six princesses: Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Rapunzel from Tangled, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and, Cinderella.

Renting one of these gowns will run you about 400,000 yen ($3,600), and the matching men’s tux goes for 100,000 yen ($889).

Dream of Bride comes true with dress from Disney Princess


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