“fasting with cancer treatment?” Takasu who was proposed folk remedy, a wonderful return!

In September, 2018, Katsuya Takasu of “Takasu clinic” who revealed that he suffered from three types of bladder cancer, ureter cancers, and kidney cancer .

Despite being engaged in anticancer drug therapy, positive talks such as “there is no anxiety” and “lucky because I can experiment with scientific cutting-edge myself” became a topic.
Since publishing cancer, Director Takasu has been interacting with cancer with many people on Twitter.

One woman Twitter user sent a message to Mr. Takasu. According to the post, the woman seems to have sent this message in consideration of Mr. Takasu. Also, it seems that I read books written about natural treatment, and knew of fasting treatment.

In addition, the woman as a maxim of the doctor Hippocrates of BC “It will not get sick if fasted once a month” “Humans become sick when going away from nature” “Ill can be treated with diet therapy and exercise” I will feed the disease, “he said.Of course, Takasu is not compelled for natural treatment for the director, but he sent this message as one of the advice to the last.As advice of “natural remedy”, Takasu is …

Afterwards, Takasu who received a message from a woman spelled his thoughts and replied.

Fasting will kill cancer patients. Cancer is an exhaustion warfare. Because of nutritional reserve power you can fight.Cancer patients who can fight long-term warfare are fasting without exception. Medicine is to use poison as a medicine. Things that are neither poison nor medicine are odd.

Quoted from @ katsuyatakasu
As a doctor who has learned medicine for many years and has been face to face, he thinks that he can not exercise naturopathy alone.With respect to fasting therapy clearly, “I will die if I fast,” it is a good idea, and for anticancer drugs, I have developed my own opinion that “using poison as a medicine” .

Drugs can become good medicines and poisons depending on how to use, as it says “old medicine too poisonous” and “poisoned medicine becomes medicine”.
But it is clear that there are many medical laws that have been judged effective as a result of doctors around the world doing research for many years.
A variety of opinions were received in response to Mr. Takasu’s post.

Not only anti-cancer drugs, but drugs are poisons. So you have to keep usage and dosage right? If you can not eat, you can not overcome illness.
Whatever treatment method, the treatment which I convinced is the best.
“It is fantastic that you do not become a poison or a medicine” … It is a wonderful saying.
Incidentally, afterwards, the woman who received the reply of Takasu continues to question “Is that what Takasu’s principal is?”

For Takasu Director Takasu who made remarks saying “It is lucky to be able to experiment with the body of science at the cutting edge of his body” and “It is fun to experiment with new treatments” about cancer treatment, the medical law studied in science is ” It is probably a cure you believe “.

hope for good !!!

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