Free POCARI SWEAT for Home-Isolating COVID-19 Patients in Japan!

Many people have caught the COVID-19 virus but some who have minor symptoms are opting to take care of themselves at home. Home isolation allows people to be close to family who provide moral support and help with boredom. This also means that there will be more hospital beds available for those who need one.


We all can relate to the difficulties of staying home while battling illness. A surprising entity has stepped in to ease the anxieties and worries of self-treating patients. Otsuka Pharmaceutical, who makes Pocari Sweat, a hydrating sports drink, has stepped up to the cause to lighten the burden.

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This tweet translates to: 

“To those of you having to treat yourselves at home,

We will deliver Pocari Sweat (12 900-milliliter [30.4-ounce] bottles of Pocari Sweat plus 36 100-gram [0.22-ounce] sachets of Pocari Sweat Ice Slurry) to anyone in need of hydration while isolating at home.

Please follow the link for more information:

Via: SoraNews24

You can click through the link to go to a page to learn more about the project. You can apply within September 17 from 8 am-3 pm (Japan Time). The rules say that only one application per household will be accepted. In excess demand than their stock, participants will have to pass through a lottery to receive their package.

Health professionals often refer dehydrated patients to Pocari Sweat as it contains a potent mixture of glucose and salt. Pocari Sweat is especially popular during extreme summer heat waves. A free supply of the drink and the hyper-cooling frozen version of Pocari Sweat will be of great benefit to many patients.

Many seem to be happy with the company’s decision. We can see that the tweet has already received70.2k Retweets and 83.5k Likes! Here are some great replies to the tweet (Translated from Japanese):

“Well, Thank you so much for your Support!!!”

“It was said that it would take about four days in the city to get in touch with the public health center because it was crowded, so I am very grateful.”

“I think it’s wonderful. May it reach the people who really need it!”

“My child is infected, and I’m stuck in a room without any air-conditioning, just a fan. So I really want this….”


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