Harajuku’s Iconic Station Building Set to Return in Stunning New Development

In a heartwarming turn of events, the beloved old Harajuku Station building, which was sadly dismantled in March 2020, is set to make a triumphant return as part of an exciting new development project by East Japan Railway Company (JR East).

The original wooden structure, built in 1924, was a cherished symbol of Harajuku’s unique charm and history. Its distinctive half-timbered construction, charming spire, and wooden “Harajuku Station” signboard made it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Many were left heartbroken when the building was taken down and replaced with a more modern, albeit less characterful, station complex.

However, JR East has now announced plans to resurrect the iconic building, much to the delight of those who mourned its loss. The railway company had the foresight to store the original materials after the dismantlement, allowing them to recreate the station’s exterior as the centerpiece of a new commercial facility on the north side of the current station.

The development, spanning 1,170 square meters across a basement level and four above-ground floors, is set to become a new symbol of Harajuku. With the concept of “connecting with time, town, and culture,” the project aims to honor both the past and present of this vibrant Tokyo neighborhood.

While the exact details of the reconstructed station building have yet to be revealed, JR East has committed to reusing as much of the original materials as possible, ensuring that the structure adheres to current laws and regulations. This dedication to preserving the station’s heritage has been met with enthusiastic approval from the community.

Construction on the Harajuku Station commercial development is slated to begin in May 2024 and continue through December 2026, with the grand opening scheduled for winter 2026. As the neighborhood eagerly awaits the return of its beloved landmark, the project serves as a heartening reminder that even in a rapidly modernizing city like Tokyo, there is still room to celebrate and preserve the precious relics of the past.

For those who were saddened by the loss of the original Harajuku Station building and felt disconnected from the new, more contemporary design, this news comes as a joyous occasion. The resurrection of the iconic structure, beautifully integrated into a modern development, symbolizes a harmonious blend of Harajuku’s rich history and its exciting future.

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