Here’s Your Chance To Win A Domino’s Golden Chopsticks and Coupons

Domino’s Japan launched its new Ura Domino’s/Overflow series, a range of eight pizzas that contain six times as many toppings. But that wasn’t what caught everyone’s eye. What made them all pause was the fact that these pizzas were served with chopsticks. Each order came with a set of Domino’s-branded chopsticks.

Domino's Golden Chopsticks

Domino’s has launched a Twitter campaign to inform people about this surprising development. The campaign’s centerpiece is a set of 18-karat Gold chopsticks that one lucky winner will receive. Twenty other winners will be able to grab a coupon set to get ten pizzas for free.

Although the chopsticks include gold dice in the shape of the Domino’s logo, no information has been released about whether this piece is also made of pure gold. You can be sure that this piece is only of existence. Head to Twitter, click the “Tweet# ドミノ黄金の箸” button below the campaign tweet, which will retweet it to your timeline.

11月19日までに↓のツイートボタンから #ドミノ黄金の箸 で投稿してくれた人の中から #ドミノピザ 特製黄金の箸を1名様にプレゼント🥢20名様にはピザ無料券が当たるチャンス!当選者のみDMで発表!詳しくはこちら


Domino’s offers some reasons why you might want to eat this pizza using chopsticks. Since this pizza contains six times more toppings it will eventually fall off if you eat it normally. Hence if you hold the tip with chopsticks while you go for the slice, all the toppings will stay on the pizza and you can enjoy them all.

You will only be eligible for the campaign if you are a resident of Japan and apply before 19th of November. Also the Domino’s will contact the winners of the Campaign on 24th November.


Source: Soranews24

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