Iconic Starbucks Overlooking Shibuya Scramble Crossing Reopens with Stunning New Design

After closing its doors indefinitely last November for major renovations, the iconic Starbucks branch overlooking Tokyo’s famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing is set to reopen on April 25, 2024 with an impressive new look and expanded layout.

The Starbucks, located on the first two floors of the QFront building, shut down as media chain Tsutaya, the building’s main tenant, began overhauling the nine floors it occupies.

With no initial mention of Starbucks in Tsutaya’s renovation plans, many feared the beloved coffee shop, a landmark for Tokyo locals and international visitors alike since 1999, may have served its last latte.

However, Starbucks has now announced its triumphant return to its prestigious Shibuya perch, not only in its original location but with an innovative redesign befitting one of the world’s busiest and most famous intersections.

📷 Starbucks

The branch’s street level floor will now serve exclusively as a to-go counter, with the entrance relocated to Koen Dori. But the real magic happens upstairs, where Starbucks has expanded to take over the entire second floor.

📷 Starbucks

Themed around a “Starbucks Green Ribbon” design concept, the revamped cafe aims to immerse customers in a one-of-a-kind Starbucks experience from the moment they arrive via escalator.

Two green “ribbons” guide patrons through the space – one a 71-meter seating area curving around to a window overlooking the scramble crossing, perfect for people-watching over coffee.

The second ribbon is a 35-meter digital art installation spanning the cafe’s walls, showcasing animations celebrating coffee, Shibuya’s energy, Japanese culture and craftsmanship.

📷 Starbucks

Another major improvement – customers will now be able to order and pick up drinks and food on the second floor, eliminating the previous need to purchase items downstairs before ascending to the seating area. The new space accommodates 100 seated patrons.

To commemorate the renewal, the Shibuya Starbucks will also sell exclusive merchandise, including a green “Lucky Daruma” Bearista stuffed toy (2600 yen). The traditional Japanese wishing doll features Starbucks’ signature bear mascot sporting the kanji character for “luck.”

After months of anticipation, the Shibuya Starbucks will finally unveil its stunning transformation on April 25 at 10 am, to the delight of coffee lovers,

Tokyoites and tourists ready to once again savor a cup of coffee while gazing over the world’s busiest crosswalk. With an immersive new design concept that pays homage to Shibuya’s global status, the revitalized Starbucks looks poised to reclaim its throne as one of Tokyo’s most iconic destinations.

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