In in front of the elevator, Mother who was hugging the baby meeting the “lady of good feeling”

Here is a blog story of a Mother who was hugging the baby meeting the “lady of good feeling” . Parents walking around the city with their babies can call out from various people. From being a child lover you are said to be “a cute girl,” and your heart will be warm. However, there seem to be some people who make them feel like having their parents as moyamoya.

Natsuki Sato, who runs a nail salon, gave birth to a boy on March 15, 2018. When I went out with my parents when I was 7 months old, there was a disappointing event.

Posted on the blog at that time, with the title “human being distrusted”. I talked inside the chest.
Child boss will be the target of solicitation
It is about the way home when I went out with my son. Mr. Sato holding his son was waiting for the elevator to come at the station.

Then, a middle-aged woman feels good, “My child, what is the month?” Middle – aged women and Mr. Sato talked about nothing because they seemed to like children.A middle-aged woman who also puts a nice word saying “It’s too big to embrace because it’s big.” Mr. Sato had a conversation in a calm manner, but the flow of the talk suddenly changed and was shocked.

Middle-aged women cut out such a story.
Middle-aged women called Mr. Sato for insurance solicitation !

Mr. Sato was surprised at the fact that the appearance of middle-aged women changed to “insurance diplomat”. Middle-aged women are unilaterally reluctant to say to her, “Would you like to work with our insurance company together?” “I would like someone to introduce mothers who can work” “Please tell me just your name and address” It was.

Warm conversation is for getting a contract … Mr. Sato seems to have been shocked by this fact.Mr. Sato who understands the feelings of a middle-aged woman, “I want to get a contract for insurance”. However, solicitation of unexpected timing has made shadows in Mr. Sato’s heart.

Mr. Sato talks on the blog as follows.
“Because I can often hear you holding my child while walking ,,,Every time I am talking to you

Is this person solicited too? I am afraid of myself being suspicious of being”It is an event that I learned that it is not just people who speak with a pure feeling “Child is cute”.It is not that “solicitation is evil” never, but a method like a cheating hurts the hearts of people.I want you to refrain from making unreasonable solicitations so that you can go out with a calm feeling.

SourceNatsuki Sato Official blog

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