In Japan You Can Win a Brand New Car For Getting Vaccinated


People who are hesitant about getting vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine might find it more worthy after a way to win a brand new car. Local governments and businesses offer these benefits, which aim to reduce infections in society and increase vaccinations, particularly among the younger generations.

If this happens then, everyone has hopes that the economic activity can resume as soon as possible.

In certain prefectures, the main target of vaccination is younger residents. Such example is Gunma Prefecture. If you are in your 20s and 30s, you have a chance of winning a brand new Subaru XV compact sport-utility vehicle.

One lucky Gunma resident in his 20s or 30s will win the SUV. They must have both received the COVID-19 vaccine. Subaru Corp donated the vehicle, which has several automobile factories in the prefecture.

The prefectural government is also offering lucrative vouchers to travel within the prefecture, worth Y=50,000-100 people and Y=20,000-250 people.Gunma Gov. stated, “This is worth doing if it helps increase vaccination rate among young children.” Ichita Yamamoto spoke at a press conference held on August 6.

Accordingly, the rate for people in their 20s or 30s has risen from 18.9% as of August 1 to 43.7% as of Thursday.The prefectural government of Aichi Prefecture uses a lottery to distribute dining coupons worth Y=10,000 to 22,000 to people in their 20s or 30s who have already received two doses by October 31.The pandemic-crippled restaurant and tourism industries have high expectations that an increase in vaccination rates will result in increased consumption.

Momiji, a Soba Restaurant in Bunkyo Ward of Tokyo, offers a Y=1,000 Discount on Special Soba Dishes. Especially to Ward Residents 65 and Over who have received two COVID-19 vaccination doses.
Bunkyo Ward offers a subsidy to small and medium-sized shops that offer these incentives.

The owner of the restaurant stated that “Day after day, my costs continue to exceed sales.” “I hope that the spread of vaccines will allow as many people as possible to come,” said the owner.

Food stores offering vouchers to promote Vaccinations

Shoya, a Japanese restaurant chain run by Food Plus Hldgs, which has more than 100 restaurants, mainly in the Kyushu area itself, offers a 10% discount for those who have been vaccinated at minimum once and anyone whom they accompany.

The offer is available to all who wish to take advantage of it as many times as they want.”We want the coronavirus under control as quickly as possible,” stated a spokesperson for the company from Sasebo.

Tokyo Dome is where mass vaccination of Tokyo residents is taking place from Bunkyo Shinjuku and Minato Wards. A big screen shows videos of Yomiuri Giants highlights. This video serves to entertain those who have been vaccinated.In an effort to alleviate anxiety, the cheerleaders of the team give away drinks and masks.

Fumio Otake is a professor at Osaka University who specializes in behavioral economics. Mr. Otake is also a member of the government’s COVID-19 task force. He believes that incentives motivate the hesitant people to get vaccines.

Otake’s group conducted a behavioral experiment by creating three messages encouraging vaccinations. They wanted to determine if the messages had a different effect on people who saw them.A message that said, “Your vaccination will inspire others to get vaccinated too,” appealed to the elderly, but it did not affect the encouragement for young people.Otake stated that young people are less likely than older people to listen to messages.

“Incentives don’t have to be money or presents, but privileges like travel permission or access to concerts will increase the number of vaccines.”

People especially in their 20s and 30s are reluctant

Local governments and companies are offering incentives to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations. This is because, if inoculations improve — particularly among those in their 20s and 30s, who currently account for half the new infections cases — society may develop herd immunity. This can help to normalize economic and social activities.

Vaccinations reduce the chance of getting the virus or developing severe symptoms and lower the risk that the virus will spread to others. This is a benefit for society in general.Sources cited by the Prime Minister’s Office indicate that more than 40% have received two COVID-19 vaccine doses. However, the rate of inoculation among young people is not increasing fast enough.Tokyo’s metropolitan government opened a Shibuya Ward vaccination center for young people. Young people have formed long lines to get immunization in recent days for a lottery. This shows that young people are eager for vaccinations.

However, a survey conducted in July by the metropolitan government revealed something interesting. People between 30%-40% of those surveyed in their 20s or 30s did not want to get COVID-19 vaccines. These responses were highest for all age groups.It is possible to prevent infections and revive the economy by making progress in vaccinating people. Especially those who are hesitant about vaccines, particularly young adults.

Inoculation rates in the United States, Israel, and Britain have reached a high of 70%. Because many people are reluctant to get vaccinated, such as young people who have lower chances of serious illness than the elderly and those who are worried about the safety of vaccines. Similar challenges are expected in Japan.

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