Is there a person who continues to make a tsurube bottle by chance? ??

“Laugh Foundation Turtle Bottle on Sunday” (broadcast on 9th September) introduced Mr. Kamiyanagi’s announcer’s book “Retirement Radio” episode. “Laugh Fukete Tsuru Bottle on Sunday” is becoming familiar with quasi-regularly Masahiko Ueyanagi announcer talking together. Kamiyagi launched an autobiographical essay of “Retirement Radio (Three year old Books)” on August 27.

Tsurubori will also appear, of course, among those who spelled as they are until the retirement age after getting employed by announcers. Furthermore, thanks to a band with a big face photo of Tsurubori I also decided to reprint. But it is said that Tsurubori does not feel like reading this “retirement radio” as the band writes, “Anyway this book, my bad mouth writing ___!

It seems that there was no prior notice from Kamiyanagi when the name of Tsurubori appeared in “retirement radio”. However, there are books “Theory of laughter crane jewelry” in the world, and it does not concern anything here. Perhaps there are books that wrote other books that were published without permission.

Tsurube that he does not know how to read sentences written about himself, but he seems to have the charm that he wants to write as he likes.

Masahiko Kamiyanagi “Retirement radio” Talk & autograph session will be held on September 28th.


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