Is there Uber in Tokyo? Yes, but use Go Taxi App Instead

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Go app is more popular than Uber in Japan. Go app is a taxi-hailing app that has a network of 100,000 cabs aggregated from multiple local taxi companies. It offers fixed-rate rides, advance booking, and air miles rewards.

Uber, on the other hand, is available mostly in large cities like Tokyo and Osaka, and faces regulation that effectively bans private car-sharing services. Go app commands 70% of the mobility market in Japan and is the country’s newest unicorn.

Does Uber Work in Tokyo?

Though Uber is available, tourists visiting Tokyo may find it easier and cheaper to use the Go Taxi app to get around the city.

If you’ve used Uber back home, you’ll find it’s a whole different ballgame in Tokyo. That’s because of the strict rules and tons of regular taxis here, which have shaped how Uber operates. Basically, Uber works as a taxi reservation service – no private drivers like in other countries.

Can You Easily Catch a Cab in Japanese Cities?

In busy metro areas like Tokyo and Kyoto, taxis are everywhere! With so many cabs available, Uber and similar apps aren’t really needed most of the time. Lots of travelers prefer to just hail a taxi on the street the old-fashioned way. Get this – taxis here are super affordable too, even cheaper than Uber would cost back home.

What Apps Are Similar to Uber in Tokyo?

While Uber is a familiar name to most visitors, Japan has several similar taxi apps competing for your business. Go Taxi app, S.Ride, and Didi are big players. Didi seems to be a favorite for having English and cool features. But like Uber, these mostly just connect you with regular taxis.

In fact, thanks to regulations banning private car-sharing, Go Taxi app commands a whopping 70% of the mobility market in Japan! So it’s by far the dominant app for booking rides here.

How About for Late Night Travel in Tokyo?

If you’re a night owl painting the town, Uber and the other apps can be a lifesaver when the trains stop running. Users say Uber is pretty reliable for late night trips in party cities like Tokyo and Osaka. But availability really depends on which city, day, and time you’re traveling.

What Do People Say About Uber vs Taxis?

Reviews show that transportation in Japan is unique. With cabs being so easy to find and cheap, apps like Uber aren’t as necessary for most travelers, especially if you value convenience. Many are surprised by how affordable and available taxis are all over Japan.

“In Japan, Uber is more of a taxi reservation app,” one user pointed out, showing how it’s different than in other countries.

“Taxis here are surprisingly affordable, much cheaper than Uber or Lyft back home,” an American visitor shared, proving cabs here are a budget way to get around.

Which Taxi App Is Best for Tokyo?

If you want an Uber alternative in Tokyo, locals recommend Go Taxi app and S.Ride. But Didi seems to be the favorite thanks to its user-friendly English version and cool features. These apps can be handy when hailing a cab is tough. But with so many taxis in tourist areas, they aren’t 100% necessary.

Is there Uber in Tokyo?

Yes, there is Uber in Tokyo, but it is not very popular or cheap. Uber in Tokyo mostly offers taxi-hailing services, rather than private car-sharing. Consider this inside scoop when choosing how to get around on your next Japan trip!

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