Japan Is Opening Gaming/eSports High School From April 2022!

After a short spring break, the Japanese school year begins in April. The opening of Japan’s first gaming school will make it easier for Japanese students to return to school in 2022.

Although it sounds like an anime series, there is a facility in Tokyo that will allow teens to practice their gaming skills. It is not located in a remote corner of Tokyo, but it is right in the heart of downtown’s Shibuya area, just a few steps from the station and, more conveniently, the Nintendo specialty store.

eSports High School is what it is called. It operates with the support of NTTe-Sports. This competitive gaming division of telecommunications giant NTT and the Japanese pro soccer team Tokyo Verdy’s e-sports branch (plays games other than sports) with Verde members involved in student instruction.

Website interface of the School

The Shibuya e Stadium is home to large monitors and various high-spec gaming PC rigs. Teacher will help students learn the tricks and tactics of popular game franchise such as first person shooters and battle royales.

A “care training area” is also available in the facility. This space teaches students how to take care of their mental and physical health. These are two aspects of pro gaming that many people underestimate the importance of.

Although the idea of a gaming school might seem absurd, consider that Japan has no compulsory education system. eSports High School doesn’t imagine that all its graduates will go on to a comfortable life based on their e-sports tournament wins.

Essentially, eSports High School positions itself as a school that teaches the expanding and diversifying gaming media sphere trades. The list of potential work opportunities for graduates includes competitive gamer, streamer, game developer, and virtual YouTuber. There are also programmers, game journalists, programmers, e-sports commentators, 3-D CG designers.

Some of these jobs will require post-high school education. eSports High School isn’t all about gaming though. They will also provide students with best education foundation for future university studies. It also offers individualized counseling sessions to help them map out their futures. The Shibuya e Stadium will teach and practice, but other courses can also be taken online.

And to answer the most of the possible students questions, the classes will start from April in 2022.Interested applicants can also attend e Stadium orientation sessions beginning January 23.


Source: Soranews24 , eSports High School

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