Japan To Make Travel For Wealthy Foreigners Easier In Hopes Of Helping Economy

The government plans to streamline the process of obtaining visas for foreigners who arrive in Japan via luxury vehicles like private jets or super yachts typically used by the rich individuals according to the sources.

The decision comes as the government hopes that such wealthy travelers will have a lot of spending power, and will help speed up the recovery of the post-pandemic economy, according to sources.

Japanese foreigners wealthy travel

A passenger arriving from overseas is welcomed by a quarantine agent at the arrivals hall of Haneda airport in Tokyo on November 8, 2021, as Japan eases border rules to allow business visitors and students amid the Covid-19 pandemic. (Photo by Charly TRIBALLEAU / AFP)

At present, travelers arriving by private aircraft as tourists have to wait 10 days prior to arriving at the Japanese airport. The government is contemplating reducing the timeframe to three days. This is the same as entering Japan for work, sources claimed.

Japan includes 10 major airports comprising Haneda and Narita that have facilities to handle the entry of travelers of such stature.

The government is also looking into permitting private jet owners to apply for flight permits, fueling, and the hanging in one place, sources claimed.

wealthy foreigners travelling

Super yachts as well as other private vessels of travel on water are currently required to report how many crew members and cargo at every time they visit ports. With the proposed change the vessels will only need to declare this information upon entry into Japan and leave Japan according to sources.

Although some rural areas aren’t equipped with luxury hotels, luxurious restaurant chains and premium cultural experiences The Japan Tourism Agency plans to select ten of the best locations and help them attract hotels as well as creating products and services that appeal to those with riches, the sources claimed.


Source: JapanToday

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