Japanese Education Board Finally Bans Schools From Checking Student’s Underwear Color

An educational board from Japan has gotten rid of a gruesome procedure where school staff members inspected the color of the student’s underwear.

School staff in Japan are no longer permitted to inspect the color of kids’ underwear to ensure they’re adhering to the white-only dress code.

Japanese Schools banned from checking students underwear

Teachers have been reported to have targeted female students by pulling on the straps of their bras to determine the color or by watching the teens and children when they change to gym classes to ensure they’re wearing correct underwear.

Among the 51 schools under the board of education in Japan’s Saga prefecture, 14 schools had been infamous for having students wear compulsorily white undergarments. Some schools also checked if the students were following the rule.

Following concerns about how the school personnel was using the rule, which violated children’s privacy by examining the color in their clothes, the board of education has declared that the 14 schools will all have to abolish the policy.

As per NewsOnJapan, there are no restrictions on the kind of clothing students wear starting with the start of the new school year. In addition, the board eliminated rules that required males and females to follow specific dress codes to be more welcoming to those who identify as gender fluid or non-binary.

Japanese schools banned from checking students underwear

Additionally, two schools decided to eliminate a rule stating they’re not allowed to allow lap blankets inside schools. Many students across the nation prefer blankets at schools since they cannot provide any medium of heat to schools, even during winter.

Japan also recently abolished the rule where people with natural dyed hair had to change their hair color to black compulsorily. We hope that other prefectures across Japan will also follow Saga’s footsteps and ban unsavory practices.


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