Japanese Fans Give PewDiePie A Custom Toyota For Free!

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg’s Bro Army might be the most kind of fanbase anywhere around the globe. Affluent supporters of the YouTuber responded to Pewds’ pleas by gifting him a custom car for no cost.

Pewdiepie renoca

The Swedish content creator has been searching for a new car since they relocated from Sweden to Tokyo, Japan, a couple of months ago. To move around the city more quickly, he took the blue Honda Kei car (a Japanese city car) and went around the area for the first time, as he did in his first video vlogs.

In his quest in the area, Pewds came across the local retailer Renoca by FLEX, a specialist in customized Toyota automobiles.

Japanese auto dealer Renoca offers PewDiePie an all-new Toyota 100 for free.

Pewds were able to randomly visit their shop and immediately became interested in their selection of vehicles.

Pewdiepie new japanese free car

“I really would have loved the car,” he said in his video. “In the end, I was not sure if this was an appropriate car for me, as I’m still new to the driving culture of Japan. The streets are extremely close to me, but I’m not familiar with them.”

To aid in making that decision, dealerships, which became massive fans of PewDiePie and they, decided to offer him an all-black Toyota 100 Land Cruiser at no cost.

The owners said they were thanking YouTubers‘ tireless work over the years, and we’re also thankful for Pewds’ recent enthusiasm and support for their small shop.

Japanese fans give brand new custom toyota to pewdiepie for free

“I’m thrilled,” he said. “I am thrilled with my Japanese car at the end.” The car was redesigned entirely through Renoca by using the silver LC100 as the base and transforming it into the appearance of a black LC60 to give it a more classic style and feel. The car is worth $32,000 (or J.P. ¬•4.2 million.

Alongside his classic vehicle, Pewds also bought the Tesla and had its charger set up inside their garage.

The fans can watch the full video here:


Source: OneSports

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