Japanese High Schooler Makes His Own Working Gundam And Other Anime Props!

Like many Gundam fanatics, Japanese Twitter user @roa27379771 was enthralled by the idea of building an original Mobile Suit of his very own following his experience with the anime. The mecha that inspired him is Zaku II, piloted by the charismatic and mysterious Char Aznable in The Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin part of the series.

highschooler 3d printed gundam

However, instead of heading to the nearest toy or specialty shop for anime to buy the authentic Gunpla Model Kit from the shelves, @roa27379771 decided to construct his own Zaku After he had the basic design established to determine the size of his Zaku’s mobile suit, the final choice was the 1:10 scale.

It’s an enormous piece of art constructed using CAD tools and 3-D printing processes that produce incredible amounts of details. It’s not just a blank shell, though. Remove an armor panel, and there are all kinds of motors and wires.

3d printed gundam 3d printed gundam suit

Due to the ambitious nature of the undertaking is taking a long time. The account @roa27379771 has shared updates throughout the last few weeks as his move to Zaku is getting closer to finalization.

With these impressive abilities, it’s easy to imagine that @roa27379771’s job is that of an engineer in the field of mechanical engineering or as an industrial designer. Still, you’d be mistaken in both cases. In reality, there’s no work schedule of any kind. In the morning, it’s class time, since the third year is still in his secondary school!

And if you’re more interested in giant monsters rather than robots in massive size, the designer has made a replica that’s a replica of The Attack on Titan’s 3D Maneuver Gear that shoots the appearance of magnetic grappling cables. If you’re a fan of American comics over Japanese manga, he’s created a smooth Spider-Man web-based shooter.

It’s amazing to see a highschooler making such complex props. He’ll definitely have a great future ahead of him. Check out his Twitter at @roa27379771 


Source: Soranews24

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